Dream Meanings - Letter S

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter S. Dreams with S, such as saint, salt, scales, sea, seat, ship, shoes, snake etc.


Letter S dream interpretation

To dream about the letter S is a sign that you have been depressed or sad for while and need to get yourself together to change that. Brighter days are ahead for you.


To hold a sabre in your dream means that you will undertake a task and complete it successfully, but if you simply see a sabre then some news will make you happy.


To sit in a saddle on horseback means you will have an unexpected success.


To dream that you’re a sailor means you will receive bad news.


If a saint talks to you in your dream you will have success in your personal affairs. Saintly figures often appear in our dreams and give us messages and advice.


To dream that you are eating salad means all your problems and stress will be overcome and very good days await you.


To see white salt means you will have great success. If you see salt spilt on a table there will be arguments in your house.


If you see yourself entering the sanctuary of a church then a happy, unexpected event will bring you joy.


If you sit or walk on sand you will have passing problems and difficulties. If you pour sand into a vessel you will receive a small financial benefit.


If you dream that you are eating tinned sardines then you will learn something of benefit to you, but if they are fresh then you will have an argument at home.


If you see yourself holding a satchel filled with books then you will be exposed for something you have done. If the satchel is empty then you will be upset whereas if you see a new satchel you will receive some money.


To eat sausage means success and profit, but if you simply see sausages then you will have success at work but be careful whom you trust.


To dream that you or someone else is suffering from scabies means financial problems and worries. If you have scabies and recover then you will manage to escape your financial difficulties.


If you dream of scales, you will have arguments and problems at home. If you use scales to weigh something, then legal matters will bother you.


A white, clean scarf means that you’ll get what you want, but if it’s dirty then expect difficulties.


If you just see scissors then you will have an argument, while if you hold a pair of scissors and are cutting, this means that a relationship that has troubled you will come to an end.


To dream of a scorpion means you have devious enemies, while if a scorpion bites you someone will harm you and you will be very upset.


If you see yourself with scratches then your problems will quickly pass.


To hear screams in your dream means that some people will help you overcome a difficult phase of your life. If you are the one screaming then either a relationship or your financial situation will be restored.


If you dream that you are reaping with a scythe, you will have good opportunities and success at work.


A calm, blue sea means that your lifestyle will be tranquil and you will have a good family, but if the sea is dark and stormy then expect problems and distress. To dream of many boats on the sea means happy days without anxieties await you. If you fall into the sea then be more careful in the coming days as something upsetting will happen to you.


If you dream that you are eating seafood then you will experience some distress and will fall out with people close to you.


If you dream that you are sitting along a calm seashore and see a ship approaching, your wishes will come true. If, however, there are crashing waves then expect troubles ahead.


   If you dream that are you relaxing in a lovely seat or armchair, then something good will happen to you.


To hold wheat seeds and want to scatter them signifies you will have success at work, but if you hold vegetable seeds be careful as in the coming days you will behave in a frivolous manner that will get you into trouble.


If you dream of a separation then you (and your loved one/partner) will be united by an even greater love.


To dream that you are working as a servant means that you will have mishaps and your efforts will go to waste. If you are giving orders to or arguing with a servant then expect difficulties. If you dream that you are making love with a servant then expect much trouble. If, however, you have a nice chat with a servant, you will be happy.


To hear a church service in your dream means that after some joyful news you will achieve success.


If you dream that you are in a sewer you will have great problems but if you are emerging from a sewer then your problems will be resolved.


If you are woman and you dream that you are making love with a man then you will have joy, but if you make love with a woman then expect sorrows. If you are a man and dream you are making love then you will be upset. If you make love with a relative then you will have great problems in your personal and professional life. Sex presupposes physical attraction. To dream you are having sex with someone you know signifies that you have an interest in this person, while if you have sex with a stranger this means that you want to identify with them. Sex also signifies greater trust in yourself and that you are gaining more self-confidence.

Sex organs

Aside from the feelings of desire that they suggest, seeing sex organs in a dream is an omen for unexpected problems and troubles.


If you see yourself standing in the shade of a tree, then you will have someone’s support and will enjoy progress at work.


If you sit in the shadow of a tree you will have joy at work and satisfaction from efforts you have been making for a while now.

Shadow puppet

If you see a shadow puppet, you will have problems in your love life and arguments with your partner.


If you see a shark then be careful because someone will try to harm you.

Sharpening blade

If you dream that you are sharpening a blade then expect irritation, confusion and arguments.


If you dream that you are shaving then you will overcome some problems. If you are shaving someone else then be careful as you may, in the current period, waste time on useless relationships, acquaintances or activities.


To dream there is a shawl draped over your shoulders means you will have financial and family problems. You will need to tire yourself out in order to achieve a balance.


To dream that you are underneath a shed means you will have progress and advancement at work, but if the shed is red then you will soon have success.


To dream of sheep represents domestic love and happiness. A pleasant family gathering will help you relax from the stresses of daily life.


If you are a single woman and dream of sheets this means you will marry. If you are already married and dream that you are washing or laying out sheets then someone is gossiping about you.


To dream of a shelf full of things means domestic bliss and happiness! If the shelf is empty, tension and sharp words will be exchanged at home.

Shelling nuts

If you are shelling and eating nuts that are in season then you will have relief and delight as something good will happen to you. If the nuts are out of season then you will have problems and difficulties.


If you dream that you are a shepherd or see another shepherd grazing his sheep, you will receive great family news which will bring you closer to relatives whom you love.


If you dream that you’re in a ship on a calm sea, then you will be freed of issues that have bothered you. If, however, you are rowing with an oar then you will become tired and disappointed by the way some of your personal matters turn out.


To dream of old or dirty shoes means that you should be a little more careful with the people around you. To dye your shoes black means there will be improvements in your finances and work-related issues. If a young woman dreams that people are admiring her shoes, she should pay more attention to herself. If the shoes you are wearing are too big, then any arguments or health issues that concern you will soon be overcome. To dream that you lose your shoes is a forewarning of distress in your personal life although you will soon be ready for a new relationship. If the shoes are new and clean, then there will be many changes in your life.

Shooting range

To dream you are at a shooting range and hitting the target means you will have success at a new job you are thinking of starting. If you miss the target, then expect setbacks at work through your own carelessness.


If you dream that you are working in or have a shop then something very good will happen to you.


To dream you have strong, muscular shoulders means you will receive help from someone and your work will go well, but if your shoulders are weak and slouching then expect problems at work that will be difficult to resolve.


If you see shrimps in your sleep, you will have bad luck and setbacks that will tire you.


If you buy or collect silk then you will have success, while if you sell silk then expect joy and rewards for your efforts.


To dream of a silkworm means you will have joy, success and plenitude in your life.


If you find something silver in your sleep you will have economic benefits, whereas if you sell something silver you will be relieved of problems. If, however, you dream that you are wearing something silver then financial problems await you.


To see a sink in your dreams means you will be freed from problems, but if the sink is overflowing with dirty water then you will have arguments and difficulties with people close to you.


If you dream of a clear, cloudless sky then something good will happen to you. If, however, you see a dark, cloudy sky then you will receive upsetting news.


If you dream that you are being slaughtered then a friend or relative will upset you, but if others are slaughtered in front of you then you will hear great news.


To dream that you own slaves means that, after a difficult patch financially, you will start to see progress. If you dream you are a slave then some bad news will upset you.


If you dream you are sleepwalking then be careful as you could lose a good opportunity because of the moves you make and won’t have the success you wish for. If you are a woman, expect problems with your partner.


If you are single and dream of new slippers this means that the emotions you feel for someone are reciprocated. If you dream that you are wearing old slippers, you will be disappointed in love.


If you see yourself slipping and falling down, some unexpected news will upset you.


If you dream that you are walking down a slope, then this is a bad sign and you will have problems and distress.


If you see smoke coming from your house, be careful as someone will betray your trust. If you are surrounded by smoke and find it difficult to breath then you will have difficulties.


If you dream that you are smoking, expect some distressing news from a friend.


If you see a snail crawling then you will go through a brief difficult period. If you step on a snail then you will escape the malevolent actions of some who wish you harm.


If a snake bites you in your dream then someone will do you harm in a devious way. A many-headed snake means you have many enemies. If you find a snake in front of you as you are walking then someone is trying to place obstacles in your life. The more snakes in your dream, the more problems you will face. If you grab and kill a snake then you will escape from your enemies and distress. If a poisonous snake bites you then be careful of arguments with someone close to you. If the snake wraps itself around your body, expect work problems and watch out for people who pretend to be your friend but act in an underhand way.


If you dream of soft, clean snow then you will be happy but if it’s dirty then expect problems in your relationship. To have a snowball fight means you will have legal problems. If it’s winter in your dream and it snows, you will have an upsetting argument with someone, but if it’s summer and it snows then you will have temporary problems at work.


Socks in a dream mean distress. If you dream that you are wearing old, holey socks then you will have financial problems but if you take socks off then a burden will be lifted and you will be happy.


To dream of a sofa means that you will be disappointed by certain people and situations. It’s very possible that you have made mistakes and misunderstood and are now obliged to confront the results of your actions. If you are relaxing on the sofa then you will very soon go through a period of demands and obligations, which will make you feel very anxious.


To see a soldier means someone will seek your help, but if you are at a barracks along with other soldiers then you will have difficulties and strife.


If you hear musical sounds in your dream, expect to be joyful. If you hear a bell pealing then you will have good news, but if the bell is sounding in mourning then you will hear unpleasant news that does not, however, concern you.

Sour cherry

It is good to see a sour cherry in your dream and you will have positive news and opportunities at work.


If you dream of sparrows this means that many people are jealous of you.


If you are cleaning your house of spiders then something good will happen to you. If, however, you dream of spiders or their webs then there will be difficulties in your life.


Golden spoons mean you will have unexpected profit, but if the spoons are wooden then you will have financial worries.


If you see your body is spotty then you will have bad luck that will upset you, while if the spots are painful then someone you trust will disappoint you.


If you see clean water running from a spring then you will have success, joy and an improvement in your living conditions. If the spring is dry then you will suffer misfortune, obstacles and financial problems.


To dream that you are building a stable represents joy and success at work, while if you enter a stable then you will have love and respect from those close to you. If the stable contains horses, you will be successful in anything you desire.


If you dream that you are climbing stairs you will have success in life, but if you are descending the stairs then you will experience some unlucky situations that will upset you.


If something is being stamped then you will hear good words about your behaviour and work ethic, while if you stamp something then a secret you are privy to will become known.


If you see many bright stars then you will experience great joy. If, however, they are hidden behind clouds then disappointment and sorrow await you or your family.


If you see the statue of a famous person in your dream then expect joyful news, but if you see that you yourself have been turned into a statue then focus on your responsibilities and be more active. If you see the statue of a horse then you will have success in whatever you are planning .

Steering wheel

To dream of a steering wheel means something very good will happen to you, while if you are entrusted with the wheel of a ship or car you will advance at work.


If you see a storm in your sleep, there will be turbulence and problems that will disturb you. If you find yourself in a storm that sweeps you away, be careful because in the next few days you will make mistakes that will cause you great problems.


To see a stranger means that something very good will happen to you, but also pay attention to the other elements in your dream.


A pile of straw represents domestic bliss and peace at home.


To dream of a stream with clean water represents professional success, but if the water is dirty and muddy then you will have many work-related difficulties.


If you are travelling inside a submarine then you will have much distress, while if you see a submarine from afar then someone close to you will act in an underhand manner in order to harm you.

Suction cups

If you dream that someone is using suction cups on you, something good will happen when you didn’t expect it. If you use suction cups on someone, you will be relieved of your troubles.


If you dream that you or someone close to you is suffocating then very soon you or a loved one will find yourself in a dangerous situation.


If you see a bright sun with no clouds, then you will have success in all areas of your life. If the sun is hidden behind clouds you will have troubles, but if it comes out from behind the clouds you will overcome your problems.


If you dream that you are sunbathing, you will have great success and joy.


If in your dream the sun is setting then your problems will gradually start to be overcome. If you see the setting sun covered by clouds then you will complete what you aim to (accomplish what you aim at), but with some delay.


Great news awaits you if you see a swallow in your sleep. If you are going through a lonely patch then you will soon meet your other half.


If you dream that you are walking in a swamp, then expect problems at work. The swamp signifies that you will go through a difficult and depressing time.


If someone swears at you in your dream then you will meet a good new friend, while if you swear at someone then you will help a friend overcome some problems.


To dream that you are sweating means that you will escape the sorrows and sufferings you carry around with you. If you see someone else sweating this means someone is trying to win you over.


To see sweets means you will have joy, but if you are eating sweets then you will have woes. If someone offers you candy then you will have success, while if you give sweets this means that you will give joy to someone through your help.

Swimming-to swim

If you see yourself swimming in a calm sea then this is a very good dream. You will have calmness in your life and manage to resolve some pressing problems. If, however, you are swimming in dirty water then there will be difficulties and obstacles.


To dream of a sword means you will hear great news from someone close to you, while to hold a sword means you will have success, profit and good health in life.
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