Dream Meanings - Letter T

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter T. Dreams with T, such as table, tax, teeth, tempest, thief, threads, tree etc.


Letter T dream interpretation

A dream of the letter T has a “dues ex machine” ring to it, as if a helping hand appears out of nowhere, to help you deal with a complicated situation. Trust that hand.


To see a beautifully laid table means something joyful will happen to your family, but if the table is old and untidy expect distress.


If you dream that you’re talking to a tailor then be careful whom you trust because whatever you say will get out. If your tailor is trying an item of clothing on you then you will make some good new acquaintances.

Tangerine-tangerine tree

Blossoming tangerine trees with fruit on them are a good sign, and for women they mean success in love. If you eat tangerines, however, then something will make you bitter.


If you drink water from a tap then you will have some news very soon. If you see lots of water running from a tap in your sleep then you will have success at work and in your emotional life. If it is dripping a little then you will encounter some obstacles.


To dream that you are paying taxes means you will enjoy success at work.


If you dream of a teacher then some problems will force you to take on a number of responsibilities. If you see that a teacher is teaching you then expect some very positive and lucky developments in your personal life.


If you dream that your teeth are strong and white then very soon you will have a major success. If a tooth falls out and you are in pain, you will be distressed. If you dream of rotting teeth that are removed, you will be relieved of some distress. If you dream that your teeth are loose, this means failure. If a dentist pulls your tooth out, this means you have serious health issues that cause you worry. If you are brushing your teeth this means that you are trying to keep hold of your property, but if you are admiring beautiful teeth then you can expect good developments and happiness in your personal life.


A tempest means impending distress which, however, will soon pass.


If you dream you are a textile trader then expect profit and success at work, but if you simply see textiles then expect some difficulties which will take time to pass.


If you dream that you are enjoying a comedy at the theatre, expect to be distressed. If you are watching a tragedy then you will have an unexpected pleasure that will give you relief and satisfaction.


If you see a thermometer in your dream, then your friends are jealous of you and don’t want what’s best for you.


To dream of a thief (without him entering your house) means that you will hear of things that have been said behind your back and will be upset. If you dream that someone is entering your house to steal, you will enjoy unexpected profits. If you dream that you are stealing then you will suffer great distress.


If you dream you are wearing a thimble, you will have many responsibilities and troubles. If you are given a thimble you will hear bad news.


If you are thirsty in your dream but don’t drink water then you will encounter problems at work. If you see yourself drinking water and being refreshed then you will have joy and satisfaction. If you are single and someone gives you water, you will soon marry.


Thorns in a dream are a forewarning of minor health problems for people you love. If you are cutting thorns you will soon be relieved of your problems. If you are pricked by a thorn, you will go through a period of distress.


If you dream of threads then you will be caught up in unpleasant situations, whereas if you dream that you are untangling yourself from threads then you will be freed from some problems.


If you dream that you are sitting on a throne, you will enjoy progress, success and financial rewards from your work. If you are descending the throne then expect demotion and frustration.


If you dream that you are gathering thyme, someone will help and support you. If you smell thyme, you will have joyful news.


If you dream of a tide, be careful as you will be disturbed by family problems that will arise.


If you see tiles ready to be installed, then you will receive a marriage proposal, but if you see your house with broken tiles then you will have difficulties.


A lit torch means success in life, but to hold an extinguished torch means misfortunes at work.


If you dream that you are being tortured then there will be a very pleasant development in your life. If you are torturing someone, then you will give your help to something or someone.


If you dream that you are holding a clean towel, you will have joy and success in life, but if it’s dirty then be careful in the coming days as mistakes could cause you distress.

Traffic light

A green traffic light means success in your professional life, but if it’s any other colour then you will have a hard time trying to resolve matters of concern to you.


If you are single and dream that you discover a treasure then you will have a good marriage. If you are already married, expect success at work.


If you dream you are climbing a tree, then you will have success. If the tree has fruit hanging from it, then something good will happen to your family. If you fall from a tree, you will have problems at work. If you are planting a tree, you will overcome some difficulties that you may have.


You will have obstacles and delays in the coming period. To dream of a turtle reveals that some developments that you are hoping for will not be long in coming.


If you are single and see turtledoves then expect success in your love life. If you are married then you will have a happy home, but if the turtledoves are in a cage then you will be disappointed because your personal hopes will not be fulfilled.


Twin children indicate distress. The more children you see in your sleep, the greater your distress will be.
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