Dream Meanings - Letter V

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter V. Dreams with V, such as valley, vampire, vase, vest, vine, vinegar, vomit etc.


Letter V dream interpretation

V is the sign of victory and the same goes for a dream with this letter. Stick to your existing plan and you will come out of a particular situation victorious.


If you dream of a cultivated valley with trees, you will soon have success in matters that have been on your mind recently. However, if the valley is dry and treeless, then expect problems and delays in your affairs.


To dream of a vampire means you will go through a period of anxiety and stress, caused by the behaviour of loved ones. Keep your cool and avoid arguments.


If you dream of an empty vase then whatever you are waiting for won’t happen. If you see it filled with flowers, you will have success at work. If you buy a vase then you will receive a work proposal. If an unmarried woman buys or sells a vase she will receive a proposal in her love life or a marriage proposal.


To dream that you are cutting your veins (slitting the veins in your wrists) and lots of blood is running means you will be freed of some problems.


A vest signifies your loved one. If, then, you are wearing a dirty vest and you remove it then a separation awaits you, but if you remove the vest, wash it and wear it again then you will give your relationship another chance and will reconnect.


If you see clerical vestments in your dream (or you’re wearing them) expect joy, but if someone else wears them then you will learn that nasty things are being said about you.


If you dream of a full church vestry then you will have monetary gain, if it’s empty then you will have financial problems.


If you dream that you are tending a vine filled with grapes then there will be progress in your life but a bare vine means you will experience failures.


To drink vinegar means you will have problems and sorrows. If someone close to you gives you vinegar then you will argue with them and feel bitter.


If you dream that you are in a vineyard full of grapes, you will receive very good financial rewards. If you are cultivating a vineyard then you will receive support from someone while if you eat grapes you will be relieved of any troubles you have.


If you see violets (being given either to or by you), you will have success in your affairs.


If you dream that a viper bites you then someone you think is a friend will cause you harm. If, however, you kill the viper then you will escape the problems that someone you believe is a friend is trying to create for you.

Virgin Mary

To see the Virgin Mary in your sleep means that you will be protected and your life will get better.


If you dream of a volcano then you will have an outburst of the nerves, anger and bitterness hidden inside of you and will argue with someone who has wronged you.


If you vomit in your dream this means your life will improve and you will overcome some problems that you have.

Votive candle

To dream of a votive candle is a very good sign and you will be freed from pressing problems and situations. You will receive good news or money that you did not expect.


If you dream that you have made a vow and go to church (and are going to the church) then await success and joy in all your affairs.
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