Dream Meanings - Letter W

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter W. Dreams with W, such as walking, wall, wallet, war, water, wedding, woman etc.


Letter W dream interpretation

To dream of the letter W is not a perfect sign, as the letter consists of 2 upside down Vs. Defeat might be on the cards for you if you don’t change the path you have chosen.


If you dream that you are walking along a smooth, wide road then you will succeed in all matters that concern you. If the road is stony and with obstacles then await difficulties, failure and postponements in your affairs.

Walking stick

If you see yourself walking with a stick, you will have support from a friend. If you hit someone with a walking stick you will argue, while if someone hits you then you will hear something that has been said about you and be upset.


If you see a knocked-down wall then a wish will come true. If you just see a wall in front of you then you will have success in life.


If you dream that you find a wallet full of money you will enjoy financial progress but if it’s empty then you will lose some money. If you simply dream of a wallet then you will receive a new, pleasing financial offer.

Walnut tree

If you see a walnut tree full of nuts then someone will shield and protect you. If the walnut tree has no nuts then you will hear upsetting news.


If you see dry walnuts in your dream then you will have worries over some legal issues. If they are green, you will have joy at home while if you dream that you are cracking walnuts open then you will resolve your problems.


If you dream of war then you will have problems with friends or family. Try in this period to avoid impulsive behaviour and risks.


If you dream that you are tidying wardrobes containing clothes then you will have joyful news. If you see old, empty wardrobes then expect bad luck and distress.


If you see wasps buzzing around you then expect bad news, while if they sting you then you will be upset by people with negative intentions towards you.


To dream you are in a watchtower means you will make great and tiring efforts to achieve something that preoccupies you. If you see soldiers in a watchtower then be careful as some in your circle are trying to create obstacles for you at work.


Clean water means you will have progress and a good life and, if you drink it, someone will help you. If the water is cloudy then there will be problems and delays with things you wish to do.

Water tank

To dream of a water tank filled with water is a very good sign, but if the tank is empty then expect delays and obstacles at work.


If you are watering flowers then you will receive joyful news, while if you are giving animals water then you will give someone your help.


If you see a watermelon, you will have sorrows and problems for a while. If you are eating a sweet and juicy watermelon then your life will change for the better. If you are single and see watermelons, you will enjoy a romantic success.


To hold a weapon means that the people around you love and trust you. If you simply see a weapon then you will argue with someone.


To see a weasel means you will be freed from bad luck and gripes.


If it’s summer and you dream that it’s cold, rainy or snowing then expect problems and rows at home. If, however, it’s winter and you dream that the weather is fine and warm then you will have joy and progress.


If you dream that someone is weaving then you will have success at work, but if you are weaving expect problems and disagreements with some people.

Wedding dress

If you dream you are wearing a wedding dress this means that you will enjoy yourself and have a good time with close friends. If you dream that the wedding dress is dirty and untidy, then you will upset a close friend but you will make up again. If your wedding dress is torn then expect difficulties.

Wedding ring

If you see yourself wearing a wedding ring, a meeting will bring you happiness. If you’re married and see that you have lost your wedding ring, there will be problems in your marriage.

Wedding wreath

If you dream that you are putting a wedding wreath on someone then you will have to offer your help, but if someone puts a wedding wreath on you then a loved one will protect you. If you see a wreath made of violets you will have obstacles at work, which will be overcome.


If you dream that you are drawing water from a well then you will have a financial gain. If you see an overflowing well then there will be arguments at home, while if the well is dry then you will be troubled.


If you dream of a whale in the sea then someone will help you but if it’s on dry land then a completely unexpected surprise awaits you.


To eat wheat means you will hear great news, but if the wheat is cooked then there will be difficulties. If you eat wheat bread then expect a great success.


A spinning wheel means your wishes will come true, but if you see a wheel that is not moving then things will come to a standstill at your work for a while.


If you dream that you are whipping someone then you will argue with a friend, but if you are being whipped then watch your finances as you will have problems.


If you dream that you are whistling then expect joy and satisfaction in your love life, but if others are whistling then expect bad news.


To dream of a widow or widower means that you should expect some problems which will burden your heart for a while.

Wild animal tamer

If you see yourself taming a wild animal then you will manage to defeat all the obstacles and have success in your life.


If you dream that you are holding a will in which you receive an inheritance, then you will get money that you did not expect.

Window glass

If you dream that you are in a room with clean windows then you have people by your side who love you. If the windows on your house are misty then you will have upsets, while broken windows mean you should be careful as you will have problems at work.


If you dream that the windows in your house are closed then you will have problems, but if you are standing in front of a new window and light is entering the house then expect joy and success.


If you dream of white wine then you will have joy, if the wine is red then you will have success. Sweet wine means there are people around you who love and will support you. If the wine is strong or acidic then you will have obstacles, failures and arguments at home.

Wine must

To see wine must means there will be gripes and problems at home.

Wine press

If you dream of a wine press full of grapes then you will have a happy life, while if you are treading grapes then expect financial improvements.


If you dream that you are a defence witness in court then you will have very good news but if you are a prosecution witness then the news will be bad.


The wolf symbolises an enemy. If you see a wolf from afar then someone wishes to do you harm, but if you chase the wolf away then you will neutralise some people who wish you harm.


If you see many women in your sleep, then watch out for gossip. If you see a brunette then the dream suggests impending problems, while a blonde means you will have joy.


To chop wood means the efforts you make to achieve the things you want will tire you out. If you dream that a pile of wood is outside your house then expect much sadness.

Woolly hat

To dream you are wearing a woolly hat means you will suffer upsets and frustration over something you were sure was going to happen. If you dream that someone is putting a woolly hat on your head, be careful because someone will trick you financially.


To dream you are at work means you will successfully achieve your goals. If you see others working then you will be given many opportunities. If you are looking for work then you will receive help for a professional matter just when you didn’t expect it.


If you dream there is a wound in your body this means someone will insult you.


If you dream you are wounded expect joy, but if you are wounded by people you trust then you will be betrayed; if the wound is bloody then this will happen very soon


If you dream that your face is full of wrinkles then you will go through a period of stress and life’s daily problems will tire you out. If you see someone else with wrinkles then watch out as you have an enemy.
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