Dream Meanings - Letter X

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter X. Dreams with X, such as xylophone etc.


Letter X dream interpretation

The letter X in a dream is a sign that you should stop pursuing a goal or a person you have obsessed about. If you are certain your choice is the right thing for you, you might need to change your strategy to reach it.


In the literal sense the X-Ray in your dream means that you are facing health issues and you need to be more careful and get examined soon. In the case that there is another person in your dream, then the health issue refers to her/him and not you. If you are focused for too long on the X-Ray the issues that you are currently dealing with are very important. If there are no medical problems in waking life, it means that you should put relationships under the microscope. You need to have a closer look at people/situations, get to the heart of what is really going on. It also means that something hidden will be discovered soon and you need to examine it deeper. However, you will have a difficult time figuring out solutions to your problems.


Xylophone in your dream is a symbol of passion, creative spirit, motivation, recognition and honour. If you dream that you are playing the Xylophone, it means that you are a creative individual full of energy, looking for ways to have more fun in your life. The Xylophone also indicates that you are carefree and you seek inspiration. In a more literal sense, it means that a child may enter your life, because it also represents the childhood. If the Xylophone is broken, it is a sign of depression and that you will get into difficult situations. However, you will get the right advice and opportunities, making finally wise decisions.

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