Dream Meanings - Letter Y

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter Y. Dreams with Y, such as yarn, yard etc.


Letter Y dream interpretation

Dreaming of this letter means that you have been questioning yourself or a choice you have recently made. Only time will tell if you were right or wrong, but doubting yourself will lead you nowhere.


In a literal sense the Yacht in your dream might mean that you are dreaming of riches, wealth and luxury. You should pay attention to the details of the dream, as they may guide you to find a way to make your fantasy come true. In case there are other people on the Yacht, take a close look at who they are and their behaviour, as they may be the key to achieving your goals. A fight on the Yacht means that you will pursue success and wealth at the expense of something or someone. Moving over water indicates freedom and autonomy. If there are waves and the yacht is turbulent, it means that your life will be on a rocky course, as well. On the other hand, if it is calm, then you will have a peaceful life.


The literal interpretation of the Yard dream is that you are concerned with domestic matters. If the Yard belongs to you and it is messy, it means that you need some fixing and tidying up to do. It also represents depression and melancholy. If the Yard doesn’t belong to you and it is messy, then someone else’s life is not what it appears on the outside. On the other hand, if the Yard is beautiful and well-kept, it means that you will get rewarded for your hard work and you will have some fun. The Yard also represents your social life and how you interact with others. If you dream of a Back Yard, that is more private, it refers to secrets that you are keeping. If you dream of a Front Yard it represents aspects of your life that you are open about to others.


The Yarn symbolizes connection and creativity. If you dream of a ball of Yarn it means that all the elements within your dream are connected somehow to each other. Even things and people that appear to be opposites are tied all together. It may also indicate a profitable business or that you are overcoming a difficulty. On the contrary, if the Yarn is tangled, it means that you are experiencing depression, anxiety and confusion.


The literal interpretation of Yelling in a dream is that you are not expressing your feelings in your waking life. Thus, it represents anger or the desperate desire for expression. If you are Yelling and no one can hear you, you believe that your opinion doesn’t matter or count to anyone. Hearing someone else yelling is an omen that you are unable to help a friend. An evil yelling symbolizes that someone from the past is haunting you.

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