Dream Meanings - Letter Z

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter Z. Dreams with Z, such as zoo, zebra etc.


Letter Z dream interpretation

The last letter of the alphabet symbolizes an ending that is about to come. Don’t worry though, whatever is about to end is something that is not important for you any longer.


Zebra in a dream represents the balance of opposing aspects in your life. Its black and white stripes indicate the existence of ambiguous situations and the need to be flexible and decisive. If you are running after this animal, then you are pursuing harmony and order in your life. In the case that the Zebra is running away from you, it means that there is no unity and harmony in your current relationship. However, you are able to resist temptations and troubles. If the animal is being hunted, there is someone with bad intentions affecting your life and now is the time to make the right decision. If you are riding a Zebra, then you should expect financial rewards. Finally, if the Zebra is dead, it means that you are about to step on a rocky path and to manage difficult situations.


Zero in your dream symbolizes completeness, eternity and absolute freedom. Wherever this number appears in your dream, you should expect something to come full circle in the very near future. It may also indicate inner emptiness or meaningless situations/people in your life. It also means that you have some unfinished tasks or that you are trapped in situations that are leading nowhere and you are running around in circles.


The Zoo in a dream represents chaos, separation or protection. Thus, if you have positive feelings during your visit to the Zoo, then you are feeling protected and loved. On the other hand, if negative feelings overwhelm you, then you are about to experience some loss of freedom in an aspect of your life. If you see animals escaping from the Zoo, then you will get rid of people or situations that were suppressing your emotions. Also, expect to feel more confident during your social activities in the very near future. Finally, if there is a happy ending in your dream then you will succeed in some area in your life.

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