Dream Meanings - Dead

In the world of dreams the rules of reality do not necessarily apply. Each dream is unique and it's a direct link to the soul and spirit. Psychology provides its own theories on what dreams mean, but so did tradition and the study of dreams for thousands of years before any relevant science had developed.

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If you see a dead person then this is a bad omen. If you see your parents dead although in reality they are alive, then you will escape from the setbacks that have trapped you recently and there will by happy developments for you and your family. There is also a great possibility that you will receive an inheritance or some unexpected income. If you are single and dream of a dead young person then you will meet a new lover. If you embrace a dead person then you will have good health and soon escape your problems. If you see yourself talking with a dead person, then expect unpleasant situations that you will, however, easily overcome. If someone who in real life is alive is dead in your dream, then expect some troubles that will easily be overcome. If you see yourself embracing a dead person, you will hear joyful news. Also, if you see a dead person coming back to life, then watch out for the hold some have over you as they will influence you psychologically