Dream Meanings - Pregnancy

In the world of dreams the rules of reality do not necessarily apply. Each dream is unique and it's a direct link to the soul and spirit. Psychology provides its own theories on what dreams mean, but so did tradition and the study of dreams for thousands of years before any relevant science had developed.

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If you dream you are pregnant, this means that you want to escape from the troubles that burden you or that you are facing some trouble that you will easily overcome. If you see a pregnant woman coming towards you, this is a forewarning of distress that you will, however, quickly overcome. If you see a relative pregnant then there will be joy in your home. If you dream you are giving birth this means you feel the need for more care. If a woman who is not in a relationship dreams that she’s pregnant this means that she will abandon the negative thoughts she has about her personal life and will feel ready to accept a new romance. If a woman who is actually pregnant dreams of her pregnancy this means she will have a good birth and will quickly regain her strength.