Dream Meanings - Snake

In the world of dreams the rules of reality do not necessarily apply. Each dream is unique and it's a direct link to the soul and spirit. Psychology provides its own theories on what dreams mean, but so did tradition and the study of dreams for thousands of years before any relevant science had developed.

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If a snake bites you in your dream then someone will do you harm in a devious way. A many-headed snake means you have many enemies. If you find a snake in front of you as you are walking then someone is trying to place obstacles in your life. The more snakes in your dream, the more problems you will face. If you grab and kill a snake then you will escape from your enemies and distress. If a poisonous snake bites you then be careful of arguments with someone close to you. If the snake wraps itself around your body, expect work problems and watch out for people who pretend to be your friend but act in an underhand way.
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