Extended Daily Love Horoscope for Scorpio

This is the daily love horoscope for Scorpio star sign and Scorpio Ascendant people, for 21/09/2017. Whether you're in a relationship or not, read on to find out how today's astrological aspects will affect your love life.

Scorpio Thursday 21 September 2017

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Dear Scorpio, here’s your daily love horoscope

There are lots of leaks and indiscretions going on all around you. There’s something ill-fitting about your feelings. Are you at sixes and sevens generally? Deep breaths.

Single Scorpio love horoscope 

Have you come over all shy, dear Scorpio? Are you blushing? You can’t uncouple from your feelings. It’s cute. 

Scorpio in a relationship love horoscope 

Why not have a chat in front of the mirror as a dry run before you try it out for size in front of a pair of ears attached to a head that you want to convince.

Thursday 21 September 2017