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Dear Cancer, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2019:

Yearly Cancer horoscope 2019 predictions. Free annual astrology 2019 forecast for Cancer.

Aw, Cancer, are you ready for 2019 yet? You’re like a big soppy Saint Bernard complete with keg of brandy fastened around your neck ready to rescue anyone that’s buried under one of life’s snowdrifts. This is all very noble and kind etc. but who’s going to rescue you? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself this year, and you might even stretch to rescuing yourself for a change (and necking all that brandy yourself!) because you’ve a wakey-wakey eclipse in your sign around your birthday time (on the 2nd of July) preluded by one self-worth zone in January.

And stretching that dog theme a just that little bit further, your faithfulness and loyalty won’t be questioned and you will see these traits mirrored back at you in others. Yup, this is the year of interdependence and relying on other people. But things won’t remain static either, dear Cancer (when do they ever?) and this is your year of change with brass knobs on. It’s time to get happy about the prospect of change, and change from the grassroots up, plus there is so much more of it for you to consider than you might think.

Now, we know that this isn’t as easy as ABC, but this is a lot easier for one very good reason: you’re going to learn from the past and make significant steps not to repeat outworn scenarios/behaviours and, what’s more, you’re going to act in the moment and get clarity when you need it instead of being too shy to ask, as you might have been. That’s because an eclipse in your sign – and in your opposite sign – is an amazing confidence boost, particularly if you’ve felt hollowed out or that life doesn’t have the meaning it once did and you’re feeling less in control.

Your 2019 horoscope also reckons that there might be new additions to your family or you might change residence or job, or you’ll get a promotion at work or be more ‘on show’ in your life generally and this might come to pass in the type of new job that you do. Jupiter’s also in your work zone too, remember, so you’ll have good look on the job front, or you’ll have a number of offers, in time, so you might have to hold your nerve and not go for the first thing you’re offered. This is also a wonderful year to start your own business. You’ll be cool in a crisis and might even get down to putting a few pennies away for a rainy day. Oh and there’s nothing like a few eclipses to cure a bout of cynicism and restore your faith in the world. You might also be doing the lion’s share of the job or taking on more responsibility in lots of areas in your life but you won’t be grovelling or kowtowing to anybody if you can help it, least of all those who didn’t get their on their own merit.

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2019 Love and Relationship Predictions for Cancer singles or couples

This is such a whopping great 2019 love horoscope for you, dear Cancer! They say that where there’s no sense there’s no feeling and you might be sick of the emotionally stunted fish you keep on hooking in over and over again, lovely Cancer. Why? Because you can smell these rotten emotionally redundant/exploitative fish a mile off!

The stars are likewise gonna help you out if you’re in a relationship that’s going nowhere. 2019 is the year when you’re going to need to feel loved and not be fobbed off by excuse after excuse. Yup, it’s all change up there and that means that it’s all change down here, so stand by for action. So what else is happening for you? Well, you’re going to be a lucky little crustacean in love when Jupiter moves into your relationship zone in December, and one of Jupiter’s gifts will be the winning of a hard-fought love, or you get jolly people dropping down your chimney – and we’re not just talking about Santa Claus here because Jupiter’s the planet of jollity, and of those that like to live and love and eat and drink like belts are going out of fashion.

But you don’t have to wait all year for the arrival of your cosmic love-luck, obvs. In fact, what your 2019 love horoscope predicts is that as soon as the 4th of February, someone could be making romantic overtures towards you if you’re single (and if you’re not!), or that person you call your partner, or have been desperate to call your partner, might be cleaning up their act if things have all gotten a bit messy lately. That’s because Venus is the planet of beauty and love and she will be in your opposite sign – aka your love zone – from this date in February and just ‘kissing’ the first day of March. And this timeframe takes in Valentine’s Day, so even if you haven’t had a card in years, don’t you go ruling it out this year.

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But the hottest news your love horoscope 2019, dear Cancer, especially if you can’t recall the last time you were passionately embraced, is that on the 17th of May Mars’s energy takes hold in your sign. This is when you’re braver about asking for what you deserve, but never in a desperate tone, and when you keep a stiff upper lip when you have to. But you perhaps won’t be in the mood to be a peace maker or pour oil on troubled water all the time if it’s just going to lead to the same pattern of behaviour, i.e. you backing down. Mars leaves you when the sun is in your sign, on the 2nd of July, so this renewed energy kick remains with you for most of July as Mars effectively passes on this baton to his like-minded pal the sun.

As for Venus, she enters your sign on the 4th of July (until the 29th of July.) meaning that the love planets are nearly united in your sign, but not quite (could be a metaphor for your life?). This paves the way for some romance, plus Venus in your sign always encourages you to gather those that you love around you and celebrate, and preferably with lots and lots of food and drink!

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