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Dear Gemini, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2019:

Yearly Gemini horoscope 2019 predictions. Free annual astrology 2019 forecast for Gemini.

Well hello there, Gemini, and we reckon you’re gonna be saying more hellos than you are goodbyes in 2019 because your life is going to be fuller, and hopefully so is your purse. ‘Bigger is always better’ Jupiter’s in your relationship zone and the eclipse take hold of your finance zone, you see, and so this is the year of holding on to, and getting more of, the good stuff and one when you start thinking more long term and about what assets you have. And not just material ones.

You may follow suit on a strictly practical level by doing some budgeting or you’ll get a better paid job even it takes you months of persistence to get it. You definitely have that. And some. You might even be considering getting on the property ladder or making some kind of permanent arrangement whereby you get a stake in something you’re contributing towards by making it official.

You’re likewise going to be warier of anybody promising you the moon and the stars or of anything that seems to easy to come by because you’re the practical, ‘nothing for nothing’ sort this year, and you could very well be the one getting someone out of a pickle they got into by overstretching themselves. Be on the lookout for exaggerated promises and inflated egos. And with one more eclipse in Leo, your part of the horoscope, you’re gonna be a lot more comfortable in your own skin - plus what a year to brush up in your skillset or add a brand new string to your bow, like learning something new (a new language, possibly?) or going to college if that’s always been one of your burning desires.

Your yearly forecast shows that your passport is gonna be stamped a few mores times in 2019 because your horoscope indicates trains and boats and planes, or even lots more shorter journeys. So we also predict a nice mix of the sociable you with the more prudently-minded you – yup, a Gemini that’s more mindful of wastefulness and of just how hard you worked and how many beads of sweat went into every pound that you earned. The collaborative power of these eclipses is going to result in, we think, you projecting the version of yourself into the world that is an honest one, and you will feel less of a need to edit yourself or check yourself or always be a slave to your filter if you don’t feel it’s the right thing to do or you see it as you kowtowing.

This is also the year that you might attend a school or college reunion or decide that you want to work on your relationship with your siblings. Gemini Horoscope predicts that 2019 will be a year when you will find the time for people that have your interests at heart and who value you and, more importantly, encourage you to value yourself.

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Gemini 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions for singles and couples

Here is what the Gemini yearly horoscope predicts for your love life during 2019! It’ll feel like there are a lot more people in the world that’ll be able to jack up your heart this year - and you happen to be in the frame of mind whereby you’re looking for this uplift. Why? Because you’re downwind of party planet, lucky Jupiter, in your opposite sign of Sagittarius for most of the year for one thing! And being the biggest planet of the lot, there’s so much love to go around in 2019. But when, exactly, will you be at your most match-fit for love, and when’s red alert time as far as passion goes?

Yup, it’s time to break down the 2019 whereabouts of the love planets. Venus and Mars. If you’re single and you don’t want to be for much longer, then this is the year when you might take a shine to a shiny person, and the weeks after June the 10th, heralding the arrival in your sign of love planet, is when she promises to take you to new heights because you’ll be radiating that little bit extra and feeling good about yourself, and we can’t emphasise strongly enough how much you need to value yourself in order to be valued by others, and you really must be take with a pinch of salt big elaborate promises and extravagant claims. Forgive us for sounding preachy.

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And Venus never forgets about all you coupled Geminis either. She’s far too nicey-nicey for all that and so might you be in the months of June and July, which is always good news for the two of you rubbing each other up the right way, and this energy is in place all the way up until the 4th of July, actually. But rather than this being your own personal independence day, this is when the two of you could get closer and start building for the future by pulling together. Yup, you lovely lot are going to benefit from an extra birthday gift of love, like warmth and understanding, because of Venus, and your heart will be just that bit closer to the surface and rather than you regarding this as making it an easier harpooning target for the unscrupulous, please see it instead as being able to positively encourage someone close to do the same, cutting out the game playing and hand-wringing uncertainty, hopefully.

Then we come to Mars. Can you always get what you want? You might just manage to pull it off when the other lustier love planet rocks up in your sign and this is going to make you want to, and not to put too finer point on it, get your rocks off! This happens from the 1st of April until the 17th of May. You will have such a terrific boost of energy and Mars will then hand the baton onto the sun before it hits your sign just after Mars leaves on May the 22nd. Your Love Horoscope for 2019 also wants you to be on the lookout for people making romantic overtures towards you from the 2nd of November until the 26th of November because love planet Venus will be in your opposite sign of Sagittarius. This is when you may also see a different, softer side to someone loud and brash.

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