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Dear Scorpio, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2019:

Yearly Scorpio horoscope 2019 predictions. Free annual astrology 2019 forecast for Scorpio.

2019 is the year of more thinking and less doing, lovely Scorpio. It looks like you’re gonna come over all Carrie Bradshaw on us, questioning life’s little complexities and mysteries, whereas before you might’ve just accepted them at face value. It’s the year when you start getting restless to know more about the world or your world, or you’ll be thinking for yourself or more singularly and maybe you’ll have to fight for your freedom in one respect and not lean so heavily on other people. But by the same token, you need people around you, and you’ll be climbing the walls if you have to spend too much time alone.

As far as your job goes, if you’re not working with people as much as you’d like or you’re working too far from home (or too near), or you’re working away a lot and other things are starting to slide or suffer because of it, then this is when you might get your thinking cap on and come up with a plan. This is also a year when you’ll get more involved in the lives of your siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces blah, blah, blah.

2019 could likewise be the year when you decide that you want to go to night school or do a course that will open up better-paid opportunities for you, even working abroad. When the eclipses happen in the houses that they’re taking hold of in your horoscope is when family’s decide to up sticks and move to either the other side of the village, country, or world. Scorpio 2019 yearly Horoscope shows that this is the year when you’re going to be called on to dispense your wisdom, or you’ll be others’ got-to problem solver. You’re going to be a little flightier Scorpio, and perhaps even switch allegiances because it suits you and, more importantly, not give yourself a hard time for it. It’s okay to chop and change a bit until you find the groove for you instead of being scared to admit that you either decided too soon or you plain just got it wrong just in case it means you have to face a bit of flack. Neither are you particularly enamoured by elaborate schemes, plans and explanations, nope, cos as far as you’re concerned, things are pretty straightforward and you see things in black and white, and you might decide to scale plans back that are unworkable.

Even though you may have strong views in the privacy of your own head, when it comes to what you say, after a few faux pas early on in the year, you’ll probably decide to remain neutral and sit on the fence. Some people in your life might not like this because they’re used to blind loyalty from you. You also want to do something outwith your usual routine and this includes where you go on holiday, so if you’ve been going back to the same place year after year, going someone else could be lucky for you!

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Scorpio 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions for singles and couples

What should you expect from your love horoscope 2019, dear Scorpio? We know how much you love a bargain, lovely Scorpio, and you get two for the price of one in 2019 in the form of two Venus visits to your sign. Admittedly the first one is only a week right at the start of the year, but a strategic sign like yours can make a lot of headway in a relationship in seven days, whether that’s a relationship that you’ve just begun or one that’s been going on for longer than you can remember and that now needs a little bit of TLC thrown at it! ( The second visit, btw, is in October but more of that later). You therefore start the year with an open heart and a glint in your eye that tells the world that you’re less fighter, more lover.

‘Venus in Scorpio’ stretches are legendary – and not just for but for the entire zodiac. Let’s put it this way, a lot of people from a variety of different star signs will be making steamier 2019 New Year’s resolutions thanks to the presence of Venus in your sign! For you personally this means reconnecting with your loved one and finding the affection that you both loved to show before it went AWOL or coming to an arrangement or trying to hash things out in a mutually beneficial, kinder way.

Love Horoscope 2019 predicts that all you Single Scorpios also benefit from a rush of loving feelings for a new person that you cross paths with, possibly during the festive period! The 9th of October is the actual date that the next Venus visit happens to your sign, and this is when you get more of the same, and seeing how this second Venus stretch takes you right the way until the 2nd of November, there’ll be an overlap between Venus and the sun in your sign. And you very well might be saying whoopity doo! because your energy is gonna be peaking around then and you’ll have an insatiable appetite for love! Some people are addicted to the pain in a relationship but you’re not one of them, or at least you like to think you’re not, or are we all? (channelling Carrie Bradshaw again?)

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All you really want is no pain and all the pleasure this year and be allowed to flirt away, even if you’re already taken and it’s purely just for fun! And we must leave the last word to other love planet, even though Venus slightly eclipses it this year, but Mars will forever have an association with your sign because it rules it before the discovery of Pluto. Some astrologers still call it your ruler. Anyhoo, back to your love life, and the 20th of November is when you welcome this raucous planet into your sign so that appetite for love that was whetted by Venus is only gonna get deeper down and dirtier for the rest of the year, because you start the year with Venus and you end the year with Mars, and what a lovely cosmic sandwich this is gonna be and with lots of tasty fillings!

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