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Dear Taurus, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2019:

Yearly Taurus horoscope 2019 predictions. Free annual astrology 2019 forecast for Taurus.

Your 2019 horoscope Taurus suggests that you should better check that your passport’s not about to expire and that you’ve got someone reliable primed to look after the dog, cat, budgie, terrapin, whatever, because 2019 is the year that you’re gonna either be covering a lot more ground or breaking new ground. Or you’ll bin the exercise bike (aka clothes hanger) and get a real bike and maybe a pair of hiking boots – it’s all very ‘val-deri, val-dera’ because we picture you as a lot more thigh-slappingly outdoorsy and in need of fresh vistas.

Yup, you’re gonna be less sitting bull this year, and please don’t groan to yourself, because even if you find the type of person we’ve painted here highly annoying, you’re going to do all of the above in the least annoying, coolest way possible. And while we’re on the bull theme, if it’s felt like there’s been a ring in your nose that people were using to lead you places to suit them and not you, then you might be cutting any one-sided ties in 2019 and telling it like it is because this is the year when you can’t bear to be told what to do, have your freedom curtailed, or any kind of falseness or mealy-mouthed-ness – like people who pretend that they don’t know what they want or say one thing but mean another and then moan about it to others afterwards. What’s shaking up your system like this?

The eclipses in the departure lounge part of your horoscope, which also makes this your year for ticking things off that bucket list before said bucket gets a hole in it and all your dreams trickle through it and onto the floor where they turn into dust that gets swept away. And if you could’ve put that a lot more poetically than we did, why not have a stab at writing? Taurus yearly Horoscope wants to help you with this sort of venture (and adventures!). And this is the year to be adventurous all round and learn a new skill, or not be so dependent on one situation/person, or gradually pull away from this kind of situation because independence is a bigger deal to you. You’re known for your patience but this will wear thin this year if you don’t get what you want and in double-quick time. Some of your homespun philosophies on life are also gonna serve you well, so don’t you go thinking that everybody else is wiser than you because, take it from us, they ain’t. The art of being successful in this life is looking like you know what you’re doing as a way of instilling confidence in others and you really are blessed with such abilities, and Jupiter also blesses you with a persuasive charisma and luck when it comes to making a few extra pounds.

Elsewhere in Taurus2019 yearly horoscope, there could be a change of residence for you this year, or you’ll be involved in the lives if your family more, like uncles, aunts, bothers and sisters. You also have the opportunity to streamline your life and you don’t need a degree to work things out because the answers should be pretty simple ones. Or perhaps you feel that you do! Yup, this is the year to go do that higher education course and get that qualification that you you’ve dreamed about. Or learn the piano. Or go on that course at work you feel is too hard for you. Newsflash: it’s not!

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Taurus 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions for singles and couples

It’s pretty much always love o’clock for you in your 2019 love horoscope, dear Taurus, thanks to Jupiter in the slinkiest part of the astro-chart. If the prospect of ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles gets you more excited than the promise of the whispering of sweet nothings or you keep meeting sweet-not-sexy guys, then you’ve come to the right horoscope! And what an intense first week of the year it is to boot, with Venus in Scorpio, your love zone! Let’s put it like this: if the only spice in your relationship is you reading about the doings of Posh Spice in the glossies, then we’d like you to prepare yourself for more spice after Christmas, like a new year’s resolution from a partner along the lines of being a great deal more attentive/applied in the bedroom. And we don’t mean erecting shelves.

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Now let’s pinpoint when your ruling planet, Venus, is gonna sparkle up your 2019 Love Horoscope by narrowing down the most fertile times for love, starting with the biggie. From the 16th of May until the 10th of June is when Venus is gonna be in your sign. This is your love hyper-drive phase, when you seem to have a hypnotic effect over others. This Venus homecoming makes you, too, feel right at home with a new person right from the word go, but you must also value yourself in the ‘swipe left, swipe right’ throwaway culture of the dating app game if you dabble in such areas. This is when other people start to appreciate you for you, too.

Those of you in relationship should gladly make more time for one another without feeling duty-bound to do so. As for the other love planet, Mars, he confidently struts into your sign on the 15th of February, until the 1st of April, giving you a real surge of direction, or you switch off autopilot and start feeling it again and put yourself back in charge of your own emotional welfare. If you think pigs might fly before so-and-so comes good and get his finger out, then just you wait until the weeks after November the 20th (and for the remainder of the year). This is when you should feel safeguarded and cherished and that someone special is putting himself out for you.

The eclipses in your 2019 horoscope continue to strike up your fun, flirty side the whole year through and you’ll also be looking father afield for love and utilising the power of the Internet/apps in your search for Mr Right or Mr Right Now if you haven’t hopped onto this bandwagon yet. You might also conquer a fear of authority figures or a kind of inferiority complex when it comes to dealing with people that you’ve convinced yourself are smarter or more sophisticated than you. We have a feeling that you’re going to see ‘behind the curtain’ this year and then kick yourself for putting yourself through this. Yup, the eclipse in Leo on the 21st of January whose energy goes far beyond this date, is such a great leveller because it shows you that we’re all susceptible to the same fears and anxieties whatever our social status might be, so if you fancy them, go for it!

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