Pisces 2020 Horoscope Predictions For Love, Career & Money

Pisces yearly forecast


Dear Pisces, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2020:

The 2020 horoscope for Pisces star sign is here and it promises positive changes and fulfilling experiences! What are the most important dates and periods for love, career and money matters for Pisces? Read on below to find out, as the astrology in 2020 is intriguing!

Pisces love, money and career predictions 2020

Pisces love horoscope 2020

For the majority 2020 there is not a lot happening on the romantic and relationship fronts. If anything, this is a quiet start to the year on both fronts. Apart from the annual quota of a Full and New Moon in both your romantic and relationship sectors this year, you will see 2 eclipses in your romantic sector. And that is the big news for you! Because with the North Node also in your romantic sector, this is bound to kick off a fateful romantic chapter that will run through the year in blocks.

You won’t have to wait long for the first romantic influence; The first Lunar eclipse happens in January and it is set to clear away the past and open your heart up to greater love in the future. Yet it is a New Moon on the 21st June that brings the first real hint that something fateful is developing, for this will be no ordinary New Moon, but a solar eclipse. This will be the perfect time to follow your heart! Soon after the Eclipse season, Venus will visit your romantic sector in August. This will kick off a short, sharp two month romantic trip, with someone who makes you feel oh so special and safe enough to express what's in your heart.

The real magic will begin with Venus’ return to your relationship sector in October. The goddess of love is here to bring her special magic to your relationships. This is an excellent time to turn a random fling into a committed relationship. Overall, when you have a year like this, it creates concentrated pockets, where you’re able to give matters of the heart and your relationships some undivided attention, while they are active. Make sure to put some effort into your relationships and you won’t regret it!

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Pisces career horoscope 2020

Pisces will emerge into 2020 with a clear sense of what excites you, what you want to achieve and what is required of you. The last three years as far as your career situation is concerned, there was something very solid and steady on the job front. That’s when Saturn wrapped up a three year visit to your career sector, a period that has created a huge amount of momentum, while asking a huge amount of work from you in return. Mars will move through your career sector between January and February, ready to aggressively reap all that you have planted in those past 3 years

You are usually one to jump in blindly, but the time has come for you to set goals and come up with a solid plan to achieve them. Once you have your plan, you can get started right away. With Mars here this is the ultimate time to pursue your career ambitions with dynamism and seek a promotion. You’re certainly the best man / woman for the job and you’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer. If you’re already where you want to be, then this is your chance to use your authority to implement changes and do things your way.

However the real push will come later in the year, when Venus in your career sector will host a Solar Eclipse that will signify a powerful new beginning. It’s time to dare to reach for something even better. It’s time to rewire your career expectations and public image and you may meet the kind of people who can help you push forward. Public speaking or other such engagements are going to go swimmingly now and it is time to extend your influence a little wider - maybe even beyond the national borders. Venus won’t leave your career sector until early 2021, allowing you to move into next year with your professional confidence, desires and expectations running high.

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Pisces money horoscope 2020

You money horoscope for 2020 goes hand in hand with your career prospects, dear Pisces. You will move into the New Year with no planetary activity in your financial sector and when there is no planetary activity in your financial sector there is no pressure or tension on financials. By February, Venus starts to stir things up and brings some lucrative developments on the income front. On the other hand, expenses will start rising the minute Mars enters your income sector in June, so make the most out of those first months of the year, to be prepared!

During the second half of the year your mind will be on money, how you earn it, how you spend it and whether you’re being true to your values. You’ll find that the path to improved finances passes through a change in the way you see yourself and your needs. If you’ve been thinking of ways to bring more money in, you now have the courage to implement your ideas. But they will only work if you prioritise correctly. With Chiron still in your income sector until 2027 you have come through a major journey of self discovery, dear Pisces, and it’s time to fight for what is yours.

Towards the end of the year, all activity gets squeezed in October, when Venus will pay a visit to that area of your chart. She always lends a helping hand when she can –and when you have been meticulous and tidy with your book keeping. You shall be able to maintain a stronger financial position if you manage your expenses wisely and with utmost scrutiny. Try to do everything you can to reduce the risk of having an excessive amount of cash with you.

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