Scorpio 2020 Horoscope Predictions For Love, Career & Money

Scorpio yearly forecast


Dear Scorpio, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2020:

The Scorpio horoscope for 2020 is as intense and intriguing as your star sign itself! What do the stars have in store for your on love, career and money next year? Read on to find out with our detailed 2020 astrology predictions!

Scorpio love, money and career predictions 2020

Scorpio love horoscope 2020

Dear Scorpio, both the love and relationship gods are smiling on you in 2020, in more ways than one. On the romantic front, this is a continuation of the past years, though with some notable exceptions. With Neptune, in your romantic sector since 2012 until 2026, there is little danger of matters of the heart going off the boil. Throughout the year Venus and Mars will work with Neptune to create as much magic as possible and while you may have to keep your relationships on track yourself, the romantic flame will continue to burn throughout 2020. That magical support will be there all year, taking love to a whole new level.

Venus will visit your romantic sector right from the beginning of 2020. This will allow Venus and Neptune, the planets of love and dreams, to work their magic over this romantically charged beginning to 2020. Both planets in your romantic sector will bring a new sense of confidence and plenty of opportunities. Venus will leave your romantic sector but she will also be working her magic on the relationship front once she arrives there between March and April.

While this period of support will run until early April it won’t just stop there, because all you need is love and Mars makes sure you’ll get it. This whole new chapter will begin on a very special note as your ruler is set to spice up 2020 for good. This packs most of the relationship focus into the first half of the year, this is something you are set to benefit from for the rest of the year. The period of planetary activity on the relationship front is usually fairly short but whatever gets planted early in the year will reveal itself during the Full Moon on August 3. Or at least you will be convinced it is something worth pursuing by then.

Throughout 2020 there are some once in a lifetime developments, with Uranus still in your relationship sector until 2026. Uranus is the first of the outer planets to visit your relationship sector in a long time and those transits definitely leave a mark. Try to keep your impulsivity in check because you can get carried away by love-at-first-sight type of encounters. This is the start of a major new relationship journey, with Uranus needing something real and authentic. So make sure what you go after what your heart actually needs in the long run, because quick fixes won’t do at this point.

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Scorpio career horoscope 2020

Career matters will be less urgent in 2020 as your horoscope suggests dear Scorpio. This is likely to be a period when you exploit the real potential from last year when lucky Jupiter was in your sign. Still, things are on course for a life-changing journey in the next few years, where you can go after your dream job and succed. There will be a push from a Full Moon in your career sector on February 9 to get anything stuck moving but the real game changer is Venus who will visit your work sector in early February making this period very interesting. She will give you a chance to make any changes necessary and also the choices, decisions and plans that will put things on the track you want them to continue on. This is why there will be such a confident start to the year.

Circle June 28 on your calendar because that’s when Mars returns to your work sector, teaming up with Chiron to trigger your competitive spirit but also the laws of synchronicity. With Mars in your work sector until the end of the year, he will ensure you’ve got all the resources needed to make 2020 a very successful year. With the Sun and Mercury both contributing to that, it will be a very busy end of the year for you, starting from early August. This is when Mercury will visit your career sector, opening the doors to a quick, sharp update that will end with his departure on late August. The real push in your career sector comes soon after this, when Venus gives your professional life a push starting in September.

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Scorpio money horoscope 2020

Your money horoscope for 2020 goes hand in hand with your career developments, naturally. Much of what you will acquire this year comes from the hard work already invested, from where you have already believed in yourself and more importantly, where you have chosen not to give up. This is likely to be a period when you exploit the real potential from the year before when lucky Jupiter was in your sign. Starting the year with warrior Mars in your income will give you a smart head for money and your head in the game. While Mars is the first planet to arrive, Venus is the planet that will stay on to tie up loose making sure every possible advantage is accessed and tapped.

It is while Venus is retrograde that a lunar eclipse in June 5 will give money matters a push. It is almost right in the middle of that period that the Sun will move through; shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters, in what is your annual financial review. Things come full circle with the solar eclipse in December. At the end of the year you will be in position to reap what you’ve sown. If you have been methodical in your arrangements throughout the year, you will see the benefits of your hard work

To wrap things up, the beginning and end of 2020 are the most intense as far as the planetary activity in your money sectors are concerned. What you do in the meantime though will determine how you will be rewarded. Notice the opportunities that will arise in the first few months, determine which ones to grab carefully, work hard and in a committed way and things will come to a happy ending in the last part of the year. Simple and straightforward, right?

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