Virgo 2020 Horoscope Predictions For Love, Career & Money

Virgo yearly forecast


Dear Virgo, here is your general horoscope forecast for 2020:

Your 2020 Virgo horoscope prepares you for some major changes coming your way! Your love, career and money predictions are all very intense from an astrological viewpoint. Are you ready for a life-changing experience in 2020 dear Virgo? The annual astrology sure says so!

Virgo love, money and career predictions 2020

Virgo love horoscope 2020

Dear Virgo, 2020 is literally the year that you have been waiting for, what you have been working towards in love and relationships. Pluto, planet of change and revolution has been in your romantic sector since 2008, working behind the scenes in your favour. At the same time Saturn and lucky Jupiter will both be in your romantic sector, bringing fateful encounters and lucky romantic developments in 2020. Neptune has been in your relationship sector since 2012, with the dreams having suffered some real challenges at times, especially in 2015/2016. Yet on both fronts, there is a dramatic turnaround this year, as the dust finally begins to settle.

The support for your relationships began when Jupiter returns to your relationship sector in December 2019 to stay for all of 2020. Jupiter brings you luck and opportunities to meet new people and charm them! At the same time, with Chiron having left for good last year, this will take away a lot of the healing process that has kept you linked to the past. You’ve been hurt, but now you’re ready to leave all that behind and invest in love again. Venus will visit your relationship early on and then allow the warrior of the cosmos Mars to take the lead in February, making sure that the romantic flame be burning during the most romantic month of the year. Fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit Mars will prepare you for a super-romantic and sexy 2020 Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, something even bigger is developing on the romantic front, with potentially game changing implications. You have had Pluto, planet of change and revolution in your romantic sector since 2008 and your need for growth, change and evolution has been ongoing.

With Saturn now in his final year in your romantic sector, it is understandable that you received some wakeup calls in the final days of 2019, flushing out any remaining doubts. Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and there is usually nothing romantic about him, but he’s here to build the foundations for all your romantic experiences over the next three decades. With Saturn direct in your romantic sector you will have to take matters of the heart seriously and developments on the relationship front in the later months of 2020 position you to do just that. The most romantically charged months of 2020 will run from mid September until mid December when Saturn direct and Jupiter direct will join their forces in your romantic sector.

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Virgo career horoscope 2020

The focus is always going to shift onto your work situation and job matters in January, regardless of what else the professional gods have in store for the rest of 2020. That is because the Sun will always return to your work sector in January, turning the solar spotlight onto your work situation and career matters. The first full blown planetary support comes with Venus in your work sector from the late days of 2019 and into the first two weeks of 2020. With Mercury returning on January 16, once things start to move on the job front they should take off fairly quickly. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through your work sector in the early part of the year, not only do you start the year with sense of conviction and a clear sense of direction, but with many opportunities ahead.

With Mars in your work sector in April and May 2020, you will have the momentum to tackle tasks and go after what you want more aggressively. While there will not be much planetary activity in your work sector once Mars leaves, something has definitely been triggered and will continue to develop. The nature of what that is, will most likely reveal itself in the lead up to a lunar eclipse on November 30, with the potential for major and unexpected developments on the career front. Eclipses aren’t random, there has to be something building behind the scenes and this will create the potential for a major change on the job front during the last month of 2020.

That’s when lucky Jupiter’s return to your work sector on December 17, only two days before Saturn moves there as well, changes everything, kicking off your luckiest and most expansive year for work growth in over a decade. Jupiter teaming up with Saturn will come to solidify all that you have been working towards over the previous months. So make sure to put in the effort throughout 2020, make your decisions in a methodical and calculated manner and wait to reap the fruit of your hard work by 2021!

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Virgo money horoscope 2020

All of a sudden working 70 hours a week to earn a high salary isn’t your definition of success, your focus is now on your quality of life. Would you be happy by downsizing, earning less but paying out less or is the pursuit of the job you love more important than the size of your pay cheque? These are all questions you’ll be asking yourself in 2020, with last year’s financial tensions already turning into motivation. The reality is, that the more you realise that it is not about the money and the more you stop chasing money, the more you are likely to acquire all that you need.

Venus is making this a sensational year for money matters as a whole and having her support is going to give your financial year a dream start, all the way through to March 2020. This is like starting the year with a treasure map. Mars will continue Venus’ plan from late June until the beginning of 2021. To have this visit extend for so long will allow Mars to really drive things persistently and unwaveringly. Mars retrograde in your financial sector from early September to mid November is a valuable chance to regroup and get your financial ducks in a row. With the most lucrative months of the year on the financial situations running during the second half of 2020, a strong sense of confidence and entitlement, something that you will retain for as long as you nurture it, will give you an amazing financial boost.

The real push will come when Venus returns to your income sector in the final part of 2020.Something has shifted this year and it is starting to change the way you look at money matters, but especially the relationship between the value and cost of things. There’s a big difference between the two and the sooner you realise it, the sooner you will have more of the things you truly value in your life. Life’s financial challenges won’t suddenly go away, but the money gods are definitely smiling on you this year.

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