How to make each star sign fall in love

How can you make each of the 12 zodiac star signs fall in love? Read on to find out how to make a man fall in love with you, depending on his star sign. Simply select his star sign, fill in your details and enjoy the read!

Select His Sign

Astrology Reveals All about Men in Love, Sex and Relationships: Check out his Star-Sign!

What's your man like in love? What's he like in bed? Whether you are single or hitched there’s bound to be a man in your thoughts. Dying to know how to approach him? Or, maybe you’ve been together for a while and would love to have a few facts confirmed? Read on! All you need is your man's star sign…
The Aries man in love is straightforward, direct and honest. He’s a hunter and a conqueror by nature and he loves the chase. Deeply sensitive and sentimental, Cancer man has a rare ‘gift’. He can read your mind. So don’t you ever ever try to hide anything from him! If you’re after a Virgo guy, know that he likes well-groomed people. He’s intelligent with a discerning mind that leads him to analyse, examine and criticise everything - and everyone - including himself. On another note, astrological lore tells us that you don’t know real sex unless you’ve slept with a Scorpio… Scorpio man finds himself much in demand and is hunted down by women the world over for his expertise in bed! If your crush is a Capricorn, you should know this man exudes power and authority, something which makes him incredibly attractive... But once he's made his choice, you can sleep easy knowing that he will never stray. While the Pisces man is moody, sentimental and generous to a fault. He seeks that magical, special something that only you can bring into his life. He’ll most likely need rescuing too, i.e. for you to set him free from his painful existential torment.
So go on, find out your crush’s star sign and use our amazing little app to find out what he is like when in love and how to make him eternally yours!