Star signs Love Compatibility

Here's your love compatibility guide for you and your partner! How well do your star signs work together? Select yours and your partner's zodiac sign below, fill in your email address and get your love match result (%) and analysis:


This is a love compatibility astrology reading between star signs, to show how well two star signs work together when it comes to love.

When we first meet someone finding out their star sign is relatively easy and knowing their zodiac sign can reveal a lot of things about their personality. But why are you particularly attracted by a specific type of person? What is it that makes them irresistible to you? And can this be something more than mere sexual attraction between the two of you?

Our free love compatibility reading, can show you if you are a good match by looking at the astrological energies between each of the star signs of the zodiac and give you a percentage of compatibility when it comes to love. Earth star signs, water star signs, fire star signs and air star signs usually work well together, but there are numerous combinations in the zodiac that can also suggest a strong emotional bond. There are many things in one’s birth chart that need to be considered as well, such as their Ascendant (or rising star), their Venus and Mars planetary positions. Therefore, don’t be disheartened by a “poor” result, as there are many other things to consider for a proper love compatibility reading.

If you want a fun love compatibility astrology reading that will show you how compatible you are with your partner (or potential partner) and what the chances for a healthy relationship between the two of you are, you’ve come to the right place. Simply select your zodiac sign, then select that of your partner’s and see what our free compatibility guide has to say. You can also receive your reading by e-mail, for future reference! So go on, try our free love compatibility reading and see if that mysterious Scorpio or moody Cancerian is likely to reciprocate!