2017 love horoscope - Cancer

Cancer Year

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Dear Cancer, this is your love horoscope for 2017:

This year just has to be the best kept secret ever, though there were clues back in Christmas 2016 that something was stirring. This was more hints from the universe that the romantic drought was getting ready to break and while it might not be any time soon, that you needed to be prepared. There is no way to prepare you for what’s coming unless I break the secret, which is that your luckiest year for love and romance is on the way and will begin on the 10th October and run through to November 2018. That gives you over nine months to prepare and that means no room for excuses or shying away from what lies ahead. Of course the Moon’s monthly visits to your romantic sector will act as a trail of breadcrumbs, leading you to what lies ahead, the biggest chance to prepare will be during Venus, planet of love’s return to Cancer from the 31st July to the 26th August. While that might seem a life time away and returning after your birthday month is over and therefore much later in the year than she normally would, when you’re preparing for something this big, Venus needs to take her time. Moving through after your birthday month is over, means you will have a chance to focus exclusively on updating your romantic desires and expectations, without the distractions of all the mundane resolutions that the Sun requires. While the Moon’s monthly visits to your romantic sector will give you a sense of direction, the most important of those visits will be in May, a visit that will produce a Full Moon on the 10th May. Coincidently, this falls exactly five months to the day before lucky Jupiter’s return, providing one of the clearest road signs of the year, pointing in the right direction. Once the romantic drought breaks on the 10th October expect a torrent, with every available love god moving through between then and the 26th January 2018. With the flotilla of support during the first four months of this lucky year for love, look forward to a well supported start. December 2017 will also usher in something major on the relationship front as well, with Saturn’s return to your relationship sector on the 20th December kicking off your most powerful three years for relationship building in three decades. Something is definitely happening in the final three months of the year, giving you the majority of the year to prepare. The focus will always be on your relationships in the early and later months of every year and with the Sun in your relationship sector until the 19th January and Mercury until the 7th February, this will give you a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. However, this is nothing compared to what is developing in December.