2017 love horoscope - Virgo

Virgo Year

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Dear Virgo, this is your love horoscope for 2017:

With the Sun always spending the first three weeks of every year in your romantic sector, it is not surprising that the spotlight is on matters of the heart and all things romantic from the get go. It always has and it always will do. However, simply putting the spotlight on matters of the heart doesn’t really tell you what kind of year to expect, for there have been some years where you don’t particularly like what you see. Fortunately that is not the case this year. It was in the final months of 2016 that the love gods really went to town and with Venus and Mars having both moved through before the Sun returned, just before Christmas, you know what you want from the get go. Mars won’t return until 2018, so it’s essential that you hold onto the romantic passions and fighting spirit he fired up in the closing months of 2016. Venus, planet of love left your romantic sector in early December, but as she won’t return until Christmas Day, spending just seven days here this year, making it important to hold onto the desires and expectations that she only finished fuelling. With the Sun leaving your romantic sector on the 20th January and Mercury on the 7th February, the most you can cement what you want from love in those early weeks the more matters of the heart are likely to stay on track. It is later in the year, just a day before the Sun returns on the 21st December that everything will change. Saturn returns to your romantic sector on the 20th December, where he will spend the next three years creating some of the most powerful, challenging but also rewarding romantic conditions in decades. The most romantic focus will always be found in the closing and early weeks of each year, but Venus will move through Virgo from the 20th September to the 14th October, while the Moon will visit your romantic sector each month, keeping the romantic flame burning. From the get go there is also a lot of focus on your relationships, but this year for all the right reasons. You will begin the year with Mars in your relationship sector, firing up your passions and fighting spirit. However, if Venus is spending just a week in your romantic sector this year, she is more than making up for that by the time she’ll spend in your relationship sector. Venus will return to your relationship sector on the 3rd January but won’t leave until the 3rd February, but even then will return for a double dip visit from the 3rd April to the 28th April. That’s a big deal considering that Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships usually spends as little as 24 days here each year. Something special is happening on the relationship front in the first four months of 2017.