Monthly Career Horoscope - Aquarius

Aquarius - Month

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Apart from the Moon spending Christmas in your career sector, you have a surprisingly quiet start to your professional year. While 2015 began with no planets in your career sector, Mars' return just days into 2015 meant that this was a false sense of calm and more a chance to catch your breath. A year on, this time this really is the case, though by this time next year you'll be moving into the New Year with lucky Jupiter on board. If the professional gods offer a quiet start to the year take it, for this really is a chance to catch your breath. There isn't usually any planetary activity in either of your professional houses at this time of year and if there is, it is more a case of events from the previous year still playing out. This year you've been able to complete all that, with the focus this month more on the money, with some exceptional income developments this month. This also makes the Moon's visits to your two professional houses more important, as the only chance to get an intuitive read on work and career matters and for the professional gods to get any messages through. The Moon will visit your work sector first and it's a visit from the 11th January to the 13th January that will trigger this year's Full Moon, on the 13th January. This will be the push to get this new professional year off the ground and to get job matters moving. While a Full Moon can trigger unexpected developments, this can take until the Moon returns four months later to fully play out. Meanwhile, the Moon's first visit to your career sector for the year will sharpen your professional instincts and provide a more global professional perspective, from the 20th January to the 22nd January.
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