Monthly Capricorn career horoscope for January 2018

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Below is Today's Capricorn career horoscope for Thursday, 18 January 2018. Read now your detailed astrology reading for Capricorn today

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Moving into the New Year with no planetary activity in either your professional houses is something that you haven't experienced in several years, making this something you've got no recent experience in. It has been nearly a decade since you last started the year without a need to have your work and/or professional hat on from the get go, so you can be forgiven if this takes some getting used to. You've got a huge amount of momentum, especially on the career front and it's that momentum that this professional year will use as fuel for several months. This means there isn't the push and the pressure of previous years and where you find that there is, you're likely to find that it's coming from you. When you expect to be pushed, without the momentum to hear yourself think, then you end up creating what you expect to see. The professional gods themselves are standing back, more focused on watching as the money gods step in to take the focus onto your income situation and matters. You've put in the hard work, you've created the momentum and now it is more about reaping the rewards, especially financially. It is the Moon that will keep work and job matters on track, with its visits key to staying on track. You begin the year with the Moon in your work sector and while it will leave on New Year's Day, starting the year with an intuitive read on work and job matters is an advantage there is no going back from. By the time the Moon comes full circle from the 27th January to the 29th January, things will be coming together on the income front. The Moon will make its first visit to your career sector for the year from the 8th January to the 10th January, sharpening your professional instincts and a sense of professional direction.
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January 2018