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With Pluto in your work sector from 2008 to 2024 there are certain things you can expect, both from the year as a whole but in each specific month in particular. The first is that no matter what you will have your work hat on at some point or other all year, with the only difference as the year progresses being to what degree each month will require. Throughout Pluto's 16 year visit, the first and only visit to your work sector in your lifetime, the planet of change and revolution will spend from April to September in retrograde motion, giving you a chance to retrace your steps, reflect and work with what is already on the table and during those months, there is less chance of forward progress and the focus is more on regrouping. Turning direct in September therefore always means that October is when the focus shifts to the future and you can start looking ahead and with the Sun always returning in late December, this will usually give you three months to let the pace slowly increase, ready for the new opportunities that will always unfold in the later and early weeks of each year. However, this is when the norm and the reality part company, for yes the focus did shift to the road ahead in the later days of September, but any thought of a slow build up was shattered when Mars returned on the same day. This was just four days before moving into the new month, but from the get go the planets of war and revolution have come together to make this a month where major breakthroughs and turnarounds are possible on the work front, with some of the busiest weeks of not just this year but in several years already underway. What makes it likely to see things take off dramatically is the fact that in early March Mars was just six weeks away from your work sector but he has been held back, with all that pent up frustration finally finding an outlet just hours after Pluto released the handbrakes and turned the lights green. There isn't a moment of the month that Mars and Pluto won't try and own, with a need to work smarter from the get go and pace yourself. There is more chance for progress and breakthroughs on the work front this month than in the last two months combined, so prepare for a busy but also breakthrough month.
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