Monthly Career Horoscope - Sagittarius

Sagittarius - Month

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Last month brought some nice surprises across the income, work and career fronts, with small but subtle developments across all three fronts within the space of just eight days providing a confident framework. With two dwarf planets having taken the driver's seat on the income front, another dwarf planet on the work front and a favourable wind having kicked in on the career front, these forces were no threat to the big boys of the solar system. They were also no threat to you in that these are more of a case of seeds being planted and a slow release of confidence, subtle enough that it hasn't alerted your defences. Nothing has been required from you, you don't have to do anything, there are no choices to make and therefore no fear that you might get it wrong or miss something. These are just forces that have quietly moved into place, sleeping there to ensure that things slowly and gradually start going your way. Or at least that has been the case until now. Things become a lot more real when Mars returns to your work sector on the 10th March, just under five weeks after Ceres' return early last month. Since then this dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system has been preparing for Mars' return. This has been subtle, but has been a gradual steering of your focus towards an examination of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. That closer look at what you want and need on the job front will continue even after Mars' return, but it also means that you'll know what you're fighting for from the get go. There is nothing subtle about Mars' return, kicking off the busiest months of 2017, with job growth and work opportunities continuing to unfold right through to the end of July. There is every reason to trust that this will also be a lucrative period.
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