Monthly Scorpio career horoscope for February 2018

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Below is Today's Scorpio career horoscope for Monday, 19 February 2018. Read now your detailed astrology reading for Scorpio today

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While the Sun, Mercury and Venus won't return to your work sector until next month, as is the norm at this time each year, the pace is likely to pick up fairly dramatically on the job front this month. This is partly because with Uranus and Eris having both turned direct in your work sector early last month, they are starting to pick up speed and momentum. With Uranus, here since 2010 and leaving in May, he will naturally want to cram as much into these final months as possible. However, on their own work and job matters should experience a slow and steady increase, not the dramatic jump start you're likely to experience at the start of the month. This is less to do with what is happening on the job front and more that work and job matters will be swept up in a wave of activity on the income and career fronts. It began with Mars' return to your income sector on the 27th January. Returning to find Saturn gone but a huge amount of untapped income potential, Mars is going to exploit every professional advantage he can, which means working with Uranus and Eris on the job front. However, what really sets things alight is the total lunar eclipse in your career sector as the month begins. The Moon returned on the 31st January and this is when the lunar eclipse begins, starting in the later hours of the 31st January and continuing into the early hours of the 1st February. You begin and end the month with the Moon in your career sector and with the forces behind the lunar eclipse keeping things moving all month. What should be a fairly quiet month, as you wait for things to pick up on the job front in March, is instead an explosive month across the income, work and career fronts. The Moon's visit to your work sector from the 19th February to the 21st February will be the last before Venus and Mercury return, making it important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground.
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February 2018