Monthly Career Horoscope - Scorpio

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Chances are you reached the end of last year very aware that you couldn't handle what was already on your plate, let alone juggle or handle anything more. Chances are, you may even have come as close to burning out over the holiday period than you've ever come before, feeling very wary about what this new professional year has to hold. Yet from the get go there are just seven short words that you need to burn into your brain, they are so important and never forget them. Those seven words as 'that was then and this is now'. For in between Christmas and New Year's Day everything changed, from the way you look at work matters, the lessons learned in terms of working smarter, but more importantly the conditions themselves. By the time you reached the second half of December Uranus, the only planet in either of your professional houses was in his final weeks in retrograde motion and for the first time in eight decades was under pressure from Jupiter, demanding that you slowed down. So what changed so dramatically in those final days in December. Chances are you will put this down to having had a chance to take a break and recharge your batteries, but the reality is this was only a small part. It was in the critical final days of December that any pressure peaked and if you were going to burn out it would have been over Christmas or in the days immediately following. However, that was when support from Saturn in your income sector locked into place. However, the real turning point came with Uranus' direct turn on the 29th January. Quite literally, the final hours of 2016 were a chance to put the old professional year behind you. However, learn from those lessons, for while you will feel refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world again, continue to work smarter, for when Mars returns to your work sector on the 28th January everything is going to take off.
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