Monthly Career Horoscope - Virgo

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Starting the year with Venus already in your work sector is a definite advantage, allowing you to know what you want from the get go and to already have your heart in the game. The fact that Mars only left just before Christmas, means that you're also able to move into this new professional year with your passions and fighting spirit engaged, a clear sense of what you're fighting for and a lot of motivation. However, without the frenetic and manic pace the warrior planet of the cosmos likes to set. As much as you might want to take your work hat off over the holiday period, you must keep it on until the 3rd January, at least as far as listening to your heart is concerned. For once Venus leaves on the 3rd January she won't return until 2018, making the first 72 hours of 2017 your only chance to listen to your heart and define your job desires and expectations for the coming year. If Venus was going to attract opportunities they will already be in the pipeline, making this more about listening to your heart and trusting in what will come next. What comes next is the Sun, whose return to your work sector on the 20th January will throw the solar spotlight on your work situation, matters and options. If Venus and Mars' time here was all about the 'what', then the Sun is all about the 'when, where and how'. You can't turn desires into reality without getting real and the 20th January is the point where things start getting real. Mercury will return next month to help tie up loose ends, but a New Moon on the 28th January is the point where you need to be ready to commit to the expectations you moved into the year with. A New Moon will always bring an opportunity for new beginnings and developments, but it is also a chance to draw a line in the sand, ready to walk the talk.
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January 2017