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Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what November 2019 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

November 2019 horoscope for my zodiac sign

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November enters on the back of a wild Scorpio New Moon, not to mention Mercury just turned retrograde! Before you’ve even had the chance to wish yourself “Happy New Month” you’re scrambling over your feet to respond to an avalanche of madness! Mercury stays retrograde all the way to November 20th and you’ll have plenty of time to review the situation and redeploy your forces. A luscious Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday November 12th, right at the heart of this Mercury retrograde, brings some clarity and resolution, even if it requires a sacrifice or two. Read on for your November monthly horoscope and the starry lowdown for your zodiac sign!

Review, revamp and redeploy your forces whilst Mercury is retrograde this month!

Are you in a bit of a pickle? Mercury has just turned retrograde for the last time in 2019 to stay so for most of November. This gives you - and Brexit Britain - a period of grace - all month in fact - to adjust to whatever changes are in the works. Change is inevitable. And it cuts deep right now! Superficial solutions won’t do. November offers you a chance for a daredevil shakedown to get to the bare bones, bottom line, truth of the matter.

Mark November 5th as a particularly intense, pushy day. That’s when Mars squares Pluto and someone might be trying to get one over on you. Push back!

Feeling a little frazzled? November 12th brings a sensual Full Moon in Taurus and an important turning point - just the ticket to soothe your senses. The Sun meets Mercury on that same day and a new idea is planted. One that will make you much more resilient to crisis and change plus in your approach to your relationships and finances. Mars sextiles lucky Jupiter on that day too bringing some fabulous happy coincidences, serendipity and luck. Now that’s what we call good timing!

Venus squares Neptune in Pisces close to that Full Moon, on the 14th, so it might be time to let go of something or someone. Put your money where your vision is! Invest in your dreams! The 2019 Saturn-Neptune sextile that’s been nudging you to pursue your vision also peaks this month (November 8th-9th) - time to bring your dreams to life! See how far you’ve come since January 2019? Carry on with the good work.

What are the love planets up to in November 2019? Lover Venus enters Sagittarius on the very 1st of the month, awakening your love of adventure. Just the attitude you need for the rollercoaster of changes that are in store. Venus stays in Sagittarius all the way to November 26th beckoning you to take romantic and business risks. That’s especially true when Venus meets Jupiter on November 24th, a totally foot-loose, rich and fun-loving day!

November 24th is also when Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus! Warrior Mars enters Scorpio on November 19th, only just as Mercury stations direct on the 20th - making for some nerve-racking days. You’re already holding onto the edge of your seat by the 24th - expect fireworks and surprises on that day!

Love gets serious after that, as Venus enters Capricorn on November 26th, the most grown up zodiac sign of all. Is it finally time to take things seriously? Well, almost…

The month ends on a visionary Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th, just as Neptune in Pisces goes direct on the 27th. So many hopes and wishes ride on this one that your heart is fit to burst! And you can almost taste the dream now. You can definitely communicate it with the help of Mercury at the end of the month and by the 30th, Venus trines Uranus and sets you free. What an exhilarating ride!

Read on for your November monthly horoscope and all the juicy love and career bits for your zodiac sign!

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