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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what July 2020 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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July begins with a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - the last of its kind - on July 5th. Cue drumroll… This is only four days after retrograde Saturn returns to Capricorn, to tidy up some worldly unfinished business there, before he heads back to Aquarius in December this year. Couple that strong ‘back to work’ Capricorn energy with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, where he meets with the Sun, and you’ve got the makings of a strong July start. Time to return to the scene of the "crime” and survey the damage… The eclipse asks you to let go fo the past, get the cleaners in, salvage what you can and - as for the rest? - just let it go. By year’s end you’ll be ready and willing to build something better in its place.

July is a time of transition. Venus is direct - hurrah for love! - but Mercury is still retrograde till July 12th, giving you time to rethink a few things. By month’s end, just as Mercury and Venus begin to accelerate around the far side of the Sun, Mars begins to slow right down ready for its own retrograde this September. What does it all mean for your zodiac sign? It’s all here, right after your July monthly horoscope!

Ditch it, recycle it, pave the way for something new! It’s Capricorn’s last Lunar Eclipse…

Capricorn’s last Lunar Eclipse, on July 5th, brings in the cleaners! Ditch what’s old and past its sell by date. Let go of what’s no longer relevant. Take out the trash. July's Capricorn Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse delivers a moment of truth. This is a Full Moon eclipse, bringing things to an end, and bringing important information to light. It’s the fruition of what began at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn back in December of 2019 (which is, by the way, also when the Coronavirus strain was identified).

This is also a South Node eclipse, highlighting any heavy karmic loads you may still be carrying: now's the time to ditch that stuff! This is the last eclipse in the Cancer-Capricorn series, which transformed the last 1.5-2 years for you.  This is a soft eclipse - the moonlight is merely clouded by the outer shadow of the earth - nothing dramatic. And with that, what’s already dead now passes out of your life with a whimper. Let it go.

On July 2nd Saturn returns for a last 6-month visit to its home sign Capricorn. Have you been responsible? Paying your dues? Doing a good job of clearing house? Then Saturn will award you a gold star! If you've been putting in the work Saturn is sure to leave you with a gift before he leaves Capricorn for good in December. If not, this is your last chance to get your act together. Clear away the debris and be ready to welcome something new by Christmas!

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer as July begins. He conjuncts the Sun on July 1st and you’re ready to test out some new ideas. Mercury stays retrograde till July 12th so, go easy; stay fluid. Pencil things in and be ready to make changes to your plans at a moment's notice. It won't be till the last ten days of July before you have any kind of clear picture of where this whole shebang is headed. Mid-July is a time of many revelations (and relationship healing) as Mercury and Chiron stand still in the skies. The Sun also opposes Jupiter and Pluto for maximum intensity so, watch this space!

Venus in Gemini is finally direct - hoorah! - the pursuit of pleasure is back on! Love and romance, spending and socialising, it's all back on the menu. But it won't be till July's end that you have enough momentum to hit your stride…

July 20th brings a sombre New Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn, the first non-eclipse New Moon in that sign. This brings a reality check, after the many changes of the past couple of years. It shows you what still needs to be done to get you where you want to be.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd - Happy Birthday Leo! - and oh boy, do we need some Leonine sunshine to brighten the mood… Jupiter and Neptune concur, as they sextile on July 27th ending the month on a hugely romantic note. You can dream up a better world and weave reality with your dreams. Ignore the cynics and make use of this wonderful spiritual vibe. As Mars in Aries prepares to go retrograde this September, (the cynics will be satisfied that) lots of inevitable hard work still lies ahead… Keep reading for the monthly love horoscope and July career forecast for your star sign!

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