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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what July 2021 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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The month of July gives us a wonderful opportunity to embrace the awesome energy of the sign of Leo, and not just because the Sun arrives in its home zone on the 22nd, but because of a rare and glorious alliance between Venus and Mars, which provides a sparkling backdrop for the first three weeks of the month. These two are the partners of love, with Venus providing the charm and beguiling allure, and Mars the desire to make things happen. And wondrous possibilities can unfold as these two give us a unique opportunity to showcase our talents, our passions, but also to interact socially where possible. Why? Well, Venus in Leo, is very on trend when it comes to fashion, music and the latest movies. Mars provides that extra confidence and authority to make things happen, and the Leonion energy of them combined, and its warmth, vibrancy and generosity, can make special things truly possible.

July does though begin with the Sun in Cancer, and the Moon angling to it on the 2nd in Aries. Patience gets us where we want to be in the following week, and any personal snags can be heightened by Mercury's confusing angle to now retrograde Neptune, for the first ten days. So, double check all arrangements, details and contracts to avoid snares.

Delightfully, however, the Sun also angles brilliantly to Uranus in the first ten days, giving us the chance to innovate, free up space in our abodes, come up with fab ideas for home-based businesses and revolutionise our attitude to emotional health and wellbeing. This theme of home, emotional and family-based possibilities, is boosted on the 10th by the Cancer New Moon, and surprise visits can also bring delight too. Our love of the great outdoors or nature, and linking with these in novel ways, or creating inspired additional living spaces, could also engage us. Venus does face off with Saturn in week two, but this just asks us to take care with our relationships, and perhaps most of all, the friendships in our lives.


Our charitable instincts are aroused from the 12th to the 18th. A fine time to do a fund raiser or help out a good cause or someone who is less fortunate than us. Any love of rivers, lakes and the seaside is heightened by the Sun's lovely Trine to Neptune. Or for the more spiritually attuned, a perfect part of the month to head off to a retreat or enjoy some peace and tranquillity.

The 17th's Quarter Moon is in the sign of diplomacy and balance, Libra. We may find ourselves lending support to a loved one or working on our inter-relationships with those who matter most.

Week three is powerful, as the Sun goes into opposition with the mighty but mini, Pluto. A push-pull is possible in relationships, especially if one person is more emotional and another more focused on the material plane. Expect developments during this time around home working, or the need to address more effectively work-life balance.

The Sun's arrival in Leo on the 22nd is though, a seminal moment.

The Sun governs the sign of Leo, but is also at the heart of our very existence. From the gentle nurturing needs of Cancer, despite the lively influence that Venus and Mars have had, now energy can really blossom, as could the need to be playful and more care free.

Ironically, on the 22nd, Venus moves into Virgo, not her favourite location, true, but a fine one to show self-care around what we eat and drink, and also to find ways to improve harmony with colleagues. For those who are animal lovers, a new and much- loved furry friend could soon arrive in the household. The 22nd also sees an aggravating link between Saturn and Uranus, which has dominated all year, begin to unravel, and less tension is the likely outcome.

The Full Moon of the 24th in Aquarius, links well to Jupiter in a Semi Sextile, so a time when friends or romance can bring something extra to our lives. However, if time is tight, and it feels everyone wants a piece of us, look to reschedule and firm up boundaries.

Jupiter arrives back in Aquarius on the 28th, and Mercury speeds into a brighter and more outgoing phase in Leo, with on the 29th Mars catching up with Venus, this time in Virgo can see crafting come even more into vogue and prove to be very therapeutic for many too.


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