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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what January 2020 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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The 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction is finally here on January 12 and a long journey is complete. This is a January like no other! A long story that began in the early eighties (yes, you heard right, nearly 40 years ago) is coming to a close this year. A new world is about to be born… And it’s all happening this month! Of course, things don’t change overnight. This new beginning has been long in coming but there’s a certain line in the sand and January 2020 has the honour of marking it. With the eclipses also in full swing, this month is making history. Read on for your monthly horoscope for January 2020!

Time to make history! A Lunar Eclipse, Saturn and Pluto mark the spot…

There’s a certain gravity in the air… That’s Saturn and Pluto finally coming together, after edging closer all of 2019, and that’s on January 12. As if this event wasn’t powerful enough - we’re talking about a whole new world order here - we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer right on that Saturn Pluto on January 10th!  Talk about being hit over the head with lead…

That Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10th is heavy and emotional, right opposite Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun. What started six months ago, around early July? Time to make good on it. Events now are written in indelible ink, leaving a lasting mark!

Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn meet right over Saturn and Pluto on the 12 and 13 too and you’ve got a powerful laser beam focusing on a particular area of your life! (Where? Check out your Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020 horoscope!) The beam is burning away the rot, engraving a message in stone and accelerating important changes.  Think of early to mid-January like a superconductor! It focuses your attention on a particular, key spot in your life, saying “It’s now or never!” Nowhere to run. Take responsibility. Take back control!

As Mercury and the Sun come together, all sextile Neptune, you can see what the trials and tribulations of last autumn were all about. And it is bound to be something much bigger than what you thought! Mercury’s journey is complete (Mercury goes on a journey every 3-4 months or so) and the story is becoming crystal clear to you now. It’s inspiring, if a little scary, setting you on a whole new course.

Adding fuel to the fire on the 11th, Uranus stations direct - a planet that loves to jangle your nerves and create mayhem! Just for the fun of it. You can cut the tension with a knife now! You’re on the brink of big huge major important change. This is a nerve racking moment, a deadly serious time. There’s lots of uncontrollable energy flying about so take cover. You might also be feeling too much pressure so go easy on yourself.

So, mark the second week of January in your calendar, for that’s when all this shizzle is going down. It’s the dawn of a new era!

But what else is going on this month? Well, Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3rd, igniting your wanderlust. Got any tickets booked? If not, give it a go. It’s discount season! with Mercury and Jupiter conjunct on the 2nd, you’re sure to find some great deals.

Love birds can enjoy a shot of romance once Venus enters Pisces on January 13th. There, she sextiles Uranus on the 15th, creating a crazy love-buzz! With Mercury entering Aquarius on the 16th and square Uranus on the 18th, the third week of January continues to excite - bad if you wanted to relax but fab if you crave to shake off the post-holiday blues!

Things don’t look like they're gonna calm down any time soon. The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th and squares Uranus on the 23rd when nervous energy is once again running high. That’s also when love planet Venus sextiles lucky Jupiter and an excellent time to meet someone new! And it could happen right out of nowhere! Mercury sextiles Mars on the 25th creating lots of commotion and things could develop pretty quickly.

The month ends on a passionately romantic note and…potentially a lot of confusion. Venus and Neptune conjunct and square Mars on the 27th and 28th and there’s something that you feel very gung-ho about. But are your motives pure? Watch out for self sabotage and read your January monthly love horoscope for more!

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