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You can expect lots of intensity astrology-wise in April. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde, we’ve Mercury, Venus and a New Moon in pioneering Aries and the month culminates with a Full Moon Blue Moon in relationship sign Libra on April 19th at a critical degree.  So let’s have a look at what April’s monthly horoscope has in store.

Love on the rocks? Your April monthly horoscope to the rescue!

The month begins with at Aries New Moon on April 5th. This is like a mini-detox, a spring-clean, allowing you to bin the past and make a fresh start. Mercury direct connects with Saturn and Neptune over the period and Pluto conjuncts South Node, helping you clarify matters and burn old rubbish to the ground to fuel you forward.

Soon after, Jupiter in Sagittarius goes retrograde on the 10th and Venus connects with a whole bunch of planets in the sky, including romantic Neptune, generating excitement aplenty. Many things are happening all at once between the 10th and 17th and you’ll need to strike a balance: pursue your dreams and keep your vision alive whilst also being able to compromise and keep both feet on the ground.

Then, on April 19th, we get a Blue Moon in Libra at the very last degree, the second Libra Full Moon this spring. Mercury resumes normal speed and enters Aries right before that Blue Moon and things are finally ready to move forward after a whole month’s delay. With the Sun and Venus also about to change signs it looks like a last minute deal or agreement finally goes through. You now have the chance to fix anything that was broken and get things straight. April 19th is a critical juncture for relationships.

Come April 20th, the Sun enters Taurus where it meets Uranus in Taurus, Venus enters Aries and Venus and Mercury meet Chiron in Aries. There’s tons of brand new energy there all in one go and you’re ready for whole new adventures in love and business alike!  Relationships are uncomplicated with Venus in Aries from April 20th till mid-May: ‘Me Tarzan, You Jane’ is all that may be needed by way of introductions…

By month’s end, Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde on the 24th and 30th of April respectively and it’s time to prepare for the big transformation building up toward Saturn-Pluto 2020. Saturn stations right on the South Node, bringing old karma to light and clearly illustrating what no longer works. With Mars square Neptune too, you might feel temporarily at a loss as to what to do. Let go and trust that something better is on its way. Time for some important restructuring in your life.

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