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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what April 2020 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn on April 5th in their first of three meetings this year that are to colour all of 2020! What do Jupiter and Pluto signify? Unprecedented power! Absolute righteousness! Limitless resources! Mars put the whole shebang in motion last month and now it’s time to see it culminate in all its glory! Let’s hope a little of that money-dust rains on you eh?  Even more important, Saturn is in Aquarius since last month. And with Mars now also in Aquarius, it’s time to put more energy into connecting with others - virtually perhaps - and develop a social conscience. There’s also some serious adjusting to be done - especially as the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus all contact said Saturn and Mars. Mercury’s back to full speed, meanwhile, blitzing it through the zodiac. That’s sure to bring lots of talk and commotion. With a Libra Full Moon on the 7th-8th and a Taurus New Moon on the 23rd there’s oh so much to read about - so read your monthly horoscope and the starry nitty gritty for your zodiac sign!

You’re in the process of massive change…as Jupiter conjuncts Pluto.

April begins on a stressful note, with Mars and Saturn freshly in Aquarius. This is sure to challenge the very structure of society - and your own lifestyle too! The world is much smaller and we all have a hand to play. Isn’t it time to start acting more responsibly toward one another? Venus enters Gemini on April 3rd and trines Saturn on April 4th helping you embed this message. Do your bit and feel the love! Mercury conjuncts illusory Neptune on the 4th too, just in time for you to be totally blown over by the sheer overwhelming power displayed by banks and governments the world over. Yes, the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction is on April 5th. But what is it they are not telling us?

Tuesday the 7th comes as a shock as Mars squares Uranus in Taurus! It’s a surprise alright. A nasty surprise? A pleasant one perhaps? Depends. Is your finger on the pulse? If not, Mars is sure to shift it. Despite a rocky start to  Easter Week, things turn more mellow down the line. A Full Moon in Libra on the 7th-8th of April means it’s time to connect with loved ones. Venus in Gemini loves all things virtual so no sweat. Venus is about to enter her retrograde shadow however and any relationship issues that come to light will take lots of rehearsing before they are resolved - potentially not for months.

Still, Easter does not disappoint. Mars and Venus sextile Chiron in Aries, Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Pluto, then enters Aries on the 11th and sextiles Saturn on Easter Sunday. The mood is sombre but genuine. Feisty. Connect. Speak up. Be there for loved ones. It’s time to cooperate!

The Sun squares the Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn combo next, on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th - a hot potato of a moment! Power-abuse could ruffle up some feathers now. Mercury conjuncts Chiron at the same time and it’s time to speak the truth. Ask some serious questions. Mercury’s sextile to Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius on the 18th and 19th creates a fruitful atmosphere for love, opening communication channels. The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th - happy birthday Taurus - and Springtime is here… Hard to resist all these doors opening!

A Taurus New Moon on April 23rd highlights challenges that have arisen as a result of the recent crisis. Yep. This new reality is here to stay. The Sun squares Saturn (on the 21st) and conjuncts Uranus (on the 26th) and the last week of April highlights some key areas in your life that need some urgent, radical improvement. Mercury squares Pluto and Jupiter, just as Pluto stations retrograde on the 25th when the world stands still… Change is imperative! (Pluto signifies survival: could it be that we see the coronavirus threat recede as Pluto stations?)

The end of the month brings a reality check as Mercury changes sign yet again, into Taurus, and squares that old devil Saturn in Aquarius. Time to come up with some concrete long term plans… What do the stars have in store for your star sign? How about your weekly love horoscope? Click and find out!

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