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Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what May 2022 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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Your Astrology-highlight in May: The Sun-Jupiter-Sextile

When it works: 21-27th May

What it does to you: it acts as a happiness boost. And that's only natural because Jupiter is the lucky planet. And the Sun has the strongest influence of all in astrology. It determines our zodiac sign and thus our nature. When the Sun and Jupiter join forces, only good can come out of it. Jupiter enhances the Sun's radiance and gives us a boost of optimism and self-confidence. With such great stars, you can often achieve even more than you had hoped for in your wildest dreams. Further benefits: inner strength as well as generosity and cordiality in cooperation.

This works especially well now:

- Heart's desires can be realized: It pays to think big!

- We appear particularly likeable. An ideal opportunity to cultivate friendships and make new contacts.

- Just try out new ideas. This makes everyday life colourful and provides plenty of inspiration.


Your May at a glance

Venus in Aries appreciates straightforwardness

Right at the beginning of the month on May 2, Venus moves into Aries. Thus, May begins for us with an emotional flight of fancy - and with the chance for love happiness. The Aries vibes of Venus help us to show our own feelings more openly and to make the first step when flirting. Aries isn't the first sign in the zodiac for nothing: it has real leader qualities - and with Venus in Aries, you can feel this positive quality in yourself. Dare to approach someone you like - and live it up in the bedroom. Sex will be hotter than it has been in a long time due to fiery Aries Venus.

But you can also benefit from Aries Venus in general. Say openly what you think and demand what you deserve. It's about creating clarity - for yourself and for others. Has something not been right in your life for a long time, but so far you just haven't had the power to change it? Then make up for it now - and be happy about how good it feels!

More drive thanks to Jupiter in Aries

On May 11, Jupiter also moves into Aries. Unlike the Sun, Venus or Mercury, Jupiter usually changes zodiac signs only once a year - and when it does, it's correspondingly significant. In the middle of May the planet of luck moves into Aries. This means that things can move faster in the second half of May - and new ideas can also be realized more easily. It is worthwhile to think innovatively and to trust your own luck sometimes. The Aries energy is strong and fearless. With lucky planet Jupiter in Aries, so are you now?

The Jupiter motto is get out of your comfort zone and into adventure! You will benefit from new experiences and from doing things differently than you are used to. Use the second half of May for small experiments. What also works well now: You can meet exciting new people more easily. Look forward to inspiring conversations and let their input enrich you.

The Gemini Sun awakens the desire for new things

Another important time in the horoscope is May 21: That's when the Sun shifts into inquisitive Gemini, acting as a freshness kick to the mind. We are awake and open to new input. Everything that expands one's horizons is especially good now. You can use these cosmic vibes to look beyond your own nose. Small excursions and short trips are best suited for this. It's not about going far away, but to look around in the immediate vicinity. There is certainly a lot to discover there.

For those who can't travel: You can also get a lot out of conversations with people from other cultures and cultural backgrounds: They have an enormously enriching effect on your soul. By the way, you don't even have to go into great depth for this. The Gemini energy conveys a certain lightness and light-heartedness. Small talk is the order of the day. It's not about rolling problems. Have fun and enjoy your time together, it will bring you much more now.

Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus: Long Live Love!

At the end of May it gets emotional: On May 25 Mars changes into Aries and from May 28 Venus is in Taurus. Mars is the erotic planet and at home in fiery Aries: So, he has a particularly strong effect on us there: Now it gets passionate, and the sexual side of love plays a greater role. But tender moments are not neglected either: Venus, the planet of romance, is responsible for this in sensual Taurus. By the way, Venus in Taurus has a similarly intense effect on us as Mars in Aries.

So, we can look forward to an ideal mix of romance and passion. There are gentle moments and fiery seduction - and for singles the chance for a new love. It's worth switching to flirt mode and getting closer to a person. Look forward to an amorous end of May!

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