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Monthly Horoscope

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Your June monthly horoscope promises to be rather intense, sometimes confusing, with some important matters coming to a head. We’re officially in eclipse season and while the eclipses won’t arrive til July, you’ll be feeling things gathering speed a month before that, i.e. now. Mars and Mercury touch the eclipse points and the two major 2019 aspects, Saturn-sextile Neptune and Jupiter square Neptune climax this month. Plus Venus, the Sun, Mars and Mercury all pull a few strings to get you all hot under the collar so let’s have a look at what the astrology for June has in store as well as the monthly horoscope for your star sign. …

Your June horoscope is chock-full of romance, action and realisations!

June begins with a New Moon in Gemini on Monday the 3rd, a stimulating fresh start right from the get go! Where do you have Gemini in your birthchart? For that's where all sort of things begin to move, and rapidly! Venus trines Pluto on the same day making sure you feel passionate about this one!

Lot’s more happens before the week is out - Mercury moves into Cancer on Tuesday the 4th and Venus into Gemini on Sunday the 9th  - creating quite a commotion. With Neptune square every planet to cross Gemini these days, you can expect things to get pretty confusing at times. Lots of crossed wires as you try to fit in everything all at once. Watch for people playing on your vulnerabilities this month. There’s pleasure in multitasking and keeping many plates spinning with Venus in Gemini 9 June - 3 July. But with Mercury and Mars in Cancer at the same time - and later the Sun - things are going to get pretty emotional and a few of the plates could come crashing down... Look to your private, personal affairs.

June is a month when your dreams and longings come into sharp relief. Jupiter squares Neptune on June 16th, and the Sun joins in too and you will be able to measure how far you’ve come with a particular dream of yours. Then, on the 18th, Saturn sextiles Neptune and you take constructive steps forward. And in the middle, on the 17th, we have a grand Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct lucky Jupiter! But let's take things in turn...

There is a ton of energy building up in the second week of June, from the 9th to the 17th. The Sun squares Neptune on the 9th, then opposes Jupiter on the 10th and by the 16th, the 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square becomes exact. 9th - 17th June is when you’ll want to pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true! Mars and Mercury in Cancer cross over the eclipse points and connect with the 2019 Neptune Saturn sextile during this time too and you're willing to ruffle a few feathers to get things moving. This is a month to focus on the people and projects you really care about!

Someone might be putting the breaks on your dynamism and drive around June 14th when Mars opposes Saturn. But that won’t stop you. On the contrary, any limitations will ignite your imagination and give you a steely determination to succeed.  Mercury meanwhile helps you find imaginative solutions to recalcitrant problems, as it connects with the 2019 Neptune-Saturn sextile on the 16th.

Come June 17th, we have a liberating full moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter, when a big ambition comes full circle! A project that might have started last December is now bearing fruit. The 2019 Saturn-Neptune sextile becomes exact on the very next day and Mercury conjuncts Mars, giving you the tools to realise your vision. You're facing some tough situations and, as Mars and Mercury also oppose Pluto on the 19th and 20th, there’s the possibility of some pretty intense confrontations. You might be feeling pretty gung ho about something and, whatever you do, it will have repercussions. No turning back from that one!

The summer solstice arrives on June 21st as the Sun enters Cancer and we’re now well into eclipse season. The first eclipse of Summer is barely two weeks away and with Neptune stationing retrograde on the 2019 summer solstice too, emotions reach an incredible high. There’s a powerful sense of longing, nostalgia and romanticism surrounding the 2019 Summer Solstice. Just let these feelings wash over you. Lover Venus clashes with the Jupiter-Neptune square immediately after, on the 23rd and 24th, and love takes on a rosy, idealistic, otherworldly hue. Watch out for funny business in love and financial matters! Is someone having you on? Or are you being unrealistic in your expectations? You're really vulnerable right now so only hang out with those who deserve your love and idealism. 

The month ends on a high with a third quarter Aries Moon on the 26th, restoring your mojo. Mercury enters Leo and the Sun sextiles Uranus on June 27th and you’re ready to put this whole crazy mess behind you and move forward dynamically. (Especially as July begins with a total solar eclipse!)

June really isn’t a walk in the park, astrologically speaking, so take a moment and read the monthly horoscope for your star sign for some extra astro-padding.

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