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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what November 2021 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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This month can be a kind of "mini me" of 2022.


Why? Well, next year there are four eclipses, two are in Taurus and two are in Scorpio, and this November also sees a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, reflecting activity going between these two zodiac signs, with first the Sun and Mars and then from the 6th, Mercury all in Scorpio, and all facing up to Uranus the planet of disruption, in Taurus.

Now, Uranus is about freedom, independence and rebellion, and with both zodiac signs, Scorpio and Taurus, Fixed signs, in other words signs that prefer the status quo, the electricity of Uranus is shaking things up for us all, and especially how we view and consume natural resources.


So, first up the Sun opposite Uranus in week one of November and encompassing the Scorpio New Moon of the 4th, can provoke some unexpected or disruptive financial issues, including reminders about outstanding renewals on insurances or premiums. But then again, it could see a mesmeric connection for some, one that may enter our orbit very suddenly, and provide enormous excitement. Equally, this is an aspect that can suddenly put distance into a tie which has been less harmonious, and one partner may make a bid for more space, or if things have really bumped along the bottom, to escape the commitment completely. However, if we’ve had some ideas to be entrepreneurial and creative with our resources, this is an aspect of opportunity, which pushes us to embrace innovation.

The 5th however, does see Venus move into Capricorn, where it will be through to the 6th of March. This is an extremely long and extended transit, for Venus usually passes through each sign for around 28 days. This is because there is a Retrograde which begins in December. Venus in Capricorn is very worldly, so excellent for painting and decorating properties, or for taking a romance to the next level of commitment. For those ties robust enough to survive all the power plays Uranus can provoke this month, this can see them going from strength to strength. Some folks could even meet someone at a work Christmas function who becomes important, or who is from a different age group.

Mercury ends its shadow period from the recent retrograde on the 2nd, before moving from the planet of relating Libra to Scorpio, perfect for investigating more esoteric subjects or understanding the deeper workings of all sorts of life strands.

In week two, as Mars goes directly opposite Uranus, this is a very sparky influence, one that can give us creative impetus, but also see us much more impulsive. Sudden fated attractions are possible with this, or some full-on fall outs around who does what or spends money in a close involvement.

Transformation time...both in our physical worlds, but also deep within us!

However, in week three, the Sun forges a wonderful link to Pluto, and this can prime powerful and helpful transformations, both in our physical worlds, but also deep within us. The Lunar Eclipse of the 19th, can, because of the role of Pluto being a force for good, be asking us to make shrewd decisions about our resources, but also to think deeply about our connections to others.

The Sun powers into Sagittarius on the 22nd, ushering in a lighter vibe, joined as he is by Mercury on the 24th. This can us all in the mood for greater variety, variation and spontaneity. Any travel plans which have stalled can come back into focus, and for many a more optimistic sense of expansion can take hold which is a very welcome way to bring the curtain down on an epic celestial month.

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