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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what July 2019 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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Your July horoscope is here - and so are the Summer 2019 Eclipses plus Mercury Retrograde. Hold onto your hats! We have a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd and a Partial Lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th putting your life on fast forward. With the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction touching these eclipses and terror-morphing the world in front of your very eyes, it’s time to eradicate what doesn’t work once and for all. You’re done with that past. With Mercury retrograde all month from July 8th, you’ll have the time you need to adjust to the necessary changes. As for love? Venus enters Cancer and Mars enters Leo, turning July into a super-romantic month! Yes, you’d better believe it! So let’s see what your July monthly horoscope has in store for you for July 2019!

It's eclipse time, the end of the line. All change! Your July horoscope starts here.

The month of July starts with a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 11 degrees signalling major changes! Forget oughts and shoulds, rigid rules and hierarchies. Look to your real needs. Look to where life leads you, like a bubbling stream finding a path through the jagged rocks. Where you’ve put in the work, expect rewards. But, with Saturn going over the eclipse points by July 4th, there’s a real sense of payback now for those who refuse to listen. Karma is a bitch!

On July 8th Mercury stations retrograde in Leo right on top of red hot Mars in Leo! Expect lots of anger to finally reach critical mass and burn searing hot. With Mercury passing over the degree of January’s eclipse in Leo, you can finally address any issues that were left hanging since the beginning of the year and work through them.

July is also an incredibly romantic month! Lover Venus is in hopelessly sensitive Cancer from July 3rd to the 28th and sex god Mars is in chivalrous, dramatic Leo from July 2nd till the 18th of August, making for a steamy hot month!  This is a summer for grand, dramatic gestures and emotional displays in love!

The second week of July is a time for healing. Chiron in Aries stations retrograde on July 9th and there is a powerful awareness of old hurt and anger that’s ready to shift. The tide is turning. The time to heal has finally come. With the Sun opposing both Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto retrograde on the 9th and 14th respectively, life could become pretty black and white for a while. In this sharp contrast, you can clearly see the major structural changes that are now urgently necessary. Change or perish… The old ways just won’t work any more. You’ve grown and matured and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to move forward. Time to get serious.

The second eclipse of the summer - a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24 degrees - arrives on July 16th. This one is right on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and opposite Venus. Expect relationships to be tested to the max! Solid bonds have nothing to fear. But if you’ve been struggling along for a while, it’s time to turn the page, learn from your mistakes, move on.

On July 21st the Sun and Mercury meet, planting a new idea into the fertile, newly turned over soil of your mind. With the Sun entering sunny Leo two days later, on July 23rd, you can finally exhale. Things will be testy till the end of the month, while Mercury is still retrograde. Just shut out the world and take some baby steps!

Mark your calendar! July 25th brings luck and serendipity! That’s when Mars trines lucky Jupiter, and Mercury conjuncts Venus giving you shameless confidence and wit to conquer whatever - or whomever - you desire!

The month ends on an exciting, if a little nerve-wracking note as the Leo Sun squares Uranus in Taurus on July 30th and Mercury turns direct on August 1st. Hark the stars and plan as little as possible on that day! The cat’s about to drag in a surprise…

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