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Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what May 2021 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

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May begins with a stellar line up in the sign of Taurus. Along with the Sun, there is the fleetfooted Mercury, the sultry Venus, the guide planet of the sign, and the electric energies of Uranus. And in the first three days, two of these celestial players are side by side, as the Sun and Uranus are conjunct. This encourages us to be as flexible as possible when we think about finances, but also to stay as open minded as possible about the foundation of our lives, and even our values. Taurus is the Steady Eddie of the zodiac, and generally resists change, so something may be thrust on us that we are not expecting, or initially might resist. If we dig our heels in, like the proverbial Bull that governs this sign, it can create a lot of tension. So, even if we are provoked to deal with a situation, flexing to it could bring new possibilities.

The first three days also sees talk and thought Mercury angling perceptively to Pluto. We can expect to hear announcements of new scientific or medical breakthroughs, or in our own situations, doing some deep level research, as analysing our situations can be particularly valuable. Venus then goes on to connect deeply with Pluto from the 4th through to the 8th, and this can help us to appreciate the depth of key relationships, but also reveal where we might use our resources more shrewdly.

The 4th is a big day in another way, for Mercury glides into one of its two home zones of Gemini then too. This can see speeding up of communications, and there is a window of opportunity around technology upgrades, modes of transport and interactions with neighbours or siblings, that we could capitalise on through to the 15th of May, and especially between the 10th and the 15th, when Mercury forges a very stable link with the planet of structure, Saturn. This can prove to be a fruitful time to plan a business, write a journal or build a blog. However, from the 15th Mercury enters its shadow period, before going fully retrograde on the 29th, so there can be a slowing down of the speed of interactions.

The glorious Taurus New Moon of the 11th forges a beautiful, healing link to the dreamy Neptune.

This asks us to balance our physical world, to our emotions and spiritual needs. Getting these more in balance can be a great intent to set from this. The 13th sees a very unusual event, as the fortune bringer Jupiter powers into Pisces, the second of the two signs it influences (along with Sagittarius) for a three and a half month stay. Why is this rare? Well, Jupiter’s transits in each sign usually last twelve months, but this year’s transit sees it in two signs, Aquarius for eight and a half months, and Pisces the rest. Jupiter is very much at home in Pisces however, and along with that blessed New Moon, urges us all to find more uplifting ways to lead our lives and to connect with others. Sea transport and travel has been disrupted badly by Covid, but this can see a renaissance.

The Sun squares with Jupiter from the 18th to the 24th. This can be a very enthusiastic energy, but just asks us to make sure that whatever we promise we can realistically deliver on. Check facts, as persuasion may be plentiful and details vague. Fortunately, the Sun also links well with the planet of change, Pluto, during this time. So if we focus on facts and details, we can stay grounded. The Sun's move on the 20th into Gemini, sees life speeding up even more. Here we could engage our intellects, share bubbly interactions and hopefully socialise more.

The 23rd sees strict Saturn go into its annual long retrograde, and friendships and our general life direction come under the astral microscope. But Saturn can also teach us, and a chance to double down on what is really essential, presents itself.

The Full Moon of the 26th in Sagittarius, is a rarity, in that it doesn't connect to another major planet. The purity of this lunation brings our conversations, ideals and viewpoints to the fore. The Sun's chatty location in Gemini is challenged by the Moon’s desire to know the true meaning of our life. There can be a need to update our outlooks or thoughts, and we can encounter those that push us to do so.

So, in summary, May is a time when our earthly needs figure early on, but our need to have stimulating interactions with others, gets much greater thereafter.

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