Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope

Free monthly horoscope for all star signs. Find out what November 2018 has in store for you, in matters of love, career and more.

Monthly horoscope 2018 for all star signs.

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What does your monthly horoscope have in store for November 2018? This has been a super intense year so far and it’s not planning on letting off any time soon. Brace yourself for another super-intense month full of pleasant surprises!

As soon as November 6th we have a series of earth shattering events taking place back to back! First up, planet of the surprise, Uranus in Taurus, squares the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius turning things on their head and opening unexpected new pathways for you. This is sure to bring changes and adjustments to help you create more freedom in your life.

On the very same day, November 6th , Uranus backtracks into Aries for one final big send off, just as the Lunar Nodes or eclipse points also change signs. Talk of things being unstable! Uranus will stay in Aries till March 2019, when he’ll finally move into his new abode Taurus for good, i.e. the next 7-8 years. (They’re just refurbishing Taurus’ quarters a bit more to Uranus’ taste at the moment…eeek!) 

Uranus won’t leave Aries where it has been since 2011 till March and not before making sure that all things in your horoscope ruled by Aries are never ever the same again! You’ve had 8 years of changes in the area of your life ruled by Aries (Check out your Uranus in Aries horoscope!) and it’s time to seal the deal and embrace that new identity!

At the same time, again, on Tuesday November 6th, the Lunar Nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn, marking the official start of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses! Leo (and Aquarius), you’re fully transformed and ready to embark on a whole new way of life. It’s time for Cancer and Capricorn to take over now. We only have one last eclipse at 0 Leo this January but that’s it. After that it’s Cancer and Capricorn all the way!

Bang on cue, on Wednesday November 7th we have a transformative New Moon in Scorpio! This is to make sure you capture this important moment in time and don’t waste this opportunity to make big life changes. This Scorpio New Moon wants you to rid your life of anything that’s past its sell by date. Can you do it? How ruthless can you be? To help you along and give you hope and courage to move forward, on Thursday the 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius - and that’s big news folks! Boy, the universe can really pack a punch within 3 days! Be sure to catch your all new Jupiter in Sagittarius horoscope and find out how Lucky Jupiter will affect your sign in 2019!

Come mid-November, we have another series of unsettling events. Love goddess, Venus, finally turns direct just as Mercury runs out of steam and goes retrograde! Talk about tricky timing! It all happens within a hair’s breath on the clock (Venus stations direct in Libra on the 16th and Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th) so expect high volatility in the middle of November. See what sorts of things arise requiring your attention but don’t make any hasty decisions. Leave the major decision-making for December - a solid month - and preferably for Christmas! It’s going to be a good one this year!

And what about love? With Venus firing on all cylinders from mid-November your heart will soon find its feet and any relationship problems will soon sort themselves out. Mars moves into Pisces mid-month steaming up your windows and by the 23rd a Gemini Full Moon blows the dating field wide open! Two days later, on November 25th Neptune stations direct bathing the world in intensely romantic hues. Get ready for a sultry and magical stretch till Christmas!

November ends on a high as Mercury and the Sun conjunct lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius on November 27th, bringing fantastic hope, optimism and opportunity your way. It’s all finally happening. Are you ready? Read on for the monthly horoscope for your star sign!

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