Monthly Capricorn horoscope for April 2018

Free monthly horoscope for Capricorn. Find out what April 2018 has in store for Capricorn star sign, with our monthly horoscopes, in matters of love, career and more.

Capricorn Month

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A strong sense of urgency could involve a plan or goal that you believe needs 100% effort applied to it. However, your Capricornian self-restraint will soon kick in, reminding you that focused and steady effort is needed instead of throwing yourself into whatever-it-is. By mid-month, there could be a tense moment connected with your home or family. This might involve discussions had while Mercury was slumbering during recent weeks, and once it awakens on the 15th, exchanges could become awkward or heated. Out-of-the-blue news or decisions relating to your home set-up or a family member could also arrive. However, a Full Moon on the 29th could be memorable where a friendship – or closely held dream – are concerned.

Monthly Love Horocope

You're blessed with oodles of Mars energy all month and beyond. However how you choose to focus this will determine whether you see the power planet's influence as a blessing or curse. It will be the former if you allow it to boost your romantic efforts and libido. It will be problematic if fuels impulsiveness and aggressiveness. Once Venus starts to influence your service to others from the 24th, you could assess what you truly need from a relationship or if an existing bond ticks all the essential boxes. If you're a Sea Goat in a relationship of convenience rather than offering a love-filled future, then this could become clear, especially around the Full Moon on the 29th.

Monthly Career Horocope

The month literally starts with a bang, with a Full Moon in your career sector underway from the moment you move into the new month. It began when the Moon returned to your career sector on the 31st March and won't run its course until it leaves on the 2nd April, giving the new month a tailwind from the get go. Just starting the month with the Moon in your career sector is an advantage, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp and your professional imagination fuelled from the get go. A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and Moon and because of that, there could be some professional pressure or work/life balance tension. Yet falling over the long weekend this will create enough distance from your working week to put this into perspective. However, this Full Moon does sit right in the middle of a weekend that is focused on home and family matters, hence the work/life balance tension. However, this will drop off once the Moon moves and it's the pressure from the Full Moon that creates the potential for a breakthrough. As the first Full Moon since Jupiter left your career sector last October and Mars in December, this is the first push that any untapped professional potential has received. As is often the case it's when the Moon comes full circle that the full implications are often revealed. This makes the Moon's second visit from the 27th April to the 29th April, especially because of the timing. For on the 25th April, just two days before the Moon's return Venus will return to your work sector, opening the doors to the most important months of the year on the work and job front.
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