Monthly Capricorn horoscope for May 2019

Free monthly horoscope for Capricorn. Find out what May 2019 has in store for Capricorn star sign, in matters of love, career and more.

Capricorn Month

Dear Capricorn, this month may be perfect for you, as long as you make the right moves. You will feel an inner strength that will fill you with confidence about your abilities and give you the right weapons for your battle. Your plans can now be implemented, or you can at least take some important steps towards their realization. This, however, must happen methodically and at the right moment. Do not make hasty decisions or actions. Maintain your balance and don't push yourself, otherwise the end of the month will find you exhausted and in desperate need of a break. Take good care of yourself and everything is going to be fine. Yourself is your only enemy.

Monthly Love Horocope

In your love life, you will have a very good time. Your daily life next to your partner will be balanced, and some small fights here and there will spice up your relationship. There will not be any particular problems, so discussions will mainly focus on lighter issues. Enjoy this peaceful period and don't try to create drama where there is none. If you have some insecurities, try not to think about them, as these fears are not real. If you are single and looking for a partner, take advantage of the first twenty days of the month and don't hesitate to pursue what you want.

Monthly Career Horocope

At work, things are going to be demanding. You will get your glory, but not without effort. Many issues that are about to arise will demand your involvement, so regard them as a chance to showcase your abilities and prove how capable you are. The good news is that all your hard work will pay off, so don't hesitate to sacrifice some pleasures in order to have the time to perform well. Some colleagues will help you significantly, so don't turn your back on people, trying to be independent. In your finances, demands continue to trouble you, so you need to get organized. Debts have piled up, so make sure you deal with them, before the last ten days of the month.

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