Monthly Leo horoscope for November 2020

Free monthly horoscope for Leo. Find out what November 2020 has in store for Leo star sign, in matters of love, career and more.

Leo Month

Dear Leo, this month, your strong individual will and your dynamic actions will give priority to the needs of others and to the common consensus. You will be more concerned with the issues of others, than with your own. You will also have to adapt to the situations that are a direct result of your past actions. If you have made your bed right, you can now sleep in it nicely. Otherwise, try to find ways to improve the situations even now. Collaborating with others will help you achieve your goals. There will be a conflict between professional interests and family issues. You have to balance things and manage to show equal attention in both areas, dealing with the various problems that will arise. You might move to a different residence area or spend money on personal luxuries. Child-related issues will need your attention. Particular attention should be given to an internal turmoil, during the beginning of the month. Try to be cool and remain in control of the situations. Later in the month, you will regain your good mood, optimism and a clear mind to think and set priorities.

Monthly Love Horocope

In your love life, the planets will favor you with a positive mood and give you the prospect of finding love or invigorating forgotten feelings. If you are looking for the person to stand beside you, know that this month will give you the chance to start a new relationship. You will be very active in your social life and this will help your love life. If you are in a relationship, you will see that, one way or another, it will become more serious. A relationship that you think is casual might become more serious, while the one you consider to be a milestone in your life might even evolve into marriage. Your coexistence in your relationship is harmonious, while romance is intense and defines the moments. This month is great to think about expanding your family. The family environment will undergo major changes and your relationship with some members is likely to go through some turmoil.

Leo November love compatibility


Monthly Career Horocope

Your work life is overshadowed by family issues this month. You are more interested in being well and balanced emotionally. Therefore, professional ambitions come second for the time being. You manage to keep a low profile, working on a schedule and being quite conservative. You are not interested in following a strategy that will help you step up the hierarchy. Your financial situation, on the other hand, is affected by the planetary setting. It appears that, by the middle of the month, the money you make will be a result of your inventiveness. You will be able to make money from ideas that aim to make a profit. You must trust your instincts, but also your strengths. Experience will be a valuable counselor, so do not defy its power. Finally, it would be good to settle any significant investments or payments before the middle of the month, when the period will be appropriate for such moves.

Leo month by month

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