Monthly Pisces horoscope for April 2018

Free monthly horoscope for Pisces. Find out what April 2018 has in store for Pisces star sign, with our monthly horoscopes, in matters of love, career and more.

Pisces Month

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Financial issues could appear to prevent a cherished aspiration from getting underway. However, any issues that arise will be temporary and shouldn't deter you from pursuing whatever-it-is. You could view things differently by mid-month, particularly due to a New Moon influencing your earnings, and could also experience a money-making brainwave. Focus then shifts to your domestic set-up and family. If you've wanted a chance to repair a family connection or make your home life more comfortable, then you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so during the final two weeks of April – and beyond!

Monthly Love Horocope

Venus sweetens romantic conversations and exchanges in the most delightful ways until the 24th. Use this period to convey what's on your mind or in your heart to someone special, because the chances are high that the right words will be found to touch someone's heart. After the 24th, pleasure planet Venus focuses on your home and family. This would be plain sailing if more than one option didn't complicate a domestic situation or decision. However, if you've been dating someone and feel it's time to introduce them to your family, then a warm and loving reception could be had. Single Pisceans looking for love might also find it literally on their doorstep!

Monthly Career Horocope

Mars' departure from your career sector last month has taken the urgency out of this professional year and in fact the constant push of the past three years. However, this has not left you with no professional gods on the field, as would have been the case in most other years. With the Sun always moving through your career sector in November/December and through your work sector in July/August, these are the normal epicentres in any normal professional year. However, the concept of normal went out the window in September 2014, with Mars from your career sector last month finally bringing over three years planetary activity to a close. Had this left you with no activity in either of your two professional houses this could have been a hard adjustment, but instead, the North Node and Ceres are allowing you to ease gently into this slower mode. While Ceres is spending her first full month in direct motion in your work sector, she is not leaving until June so is in no hurry. The North Node, the force behind a total solar eclipse last August, a total lunar eclipse earlier in the year and another solar eclipse this August, is keeping the wheels turning and everything on track. However, not in the way that Mars and the planets before him have pushed you over the last three years. Mars only left your career sector on the 18th March, with the Moon's visit from the 4th April to the 7th April the first visit since then. You'll have a clearer sense of where to from here on the career front once the Moon moves through and ties up loose ends. You'll also get a better read on work and job matters when the Moon moves through your work sector from the 23rd April to the 25th April.
April 2018