Monthly Sagittarius horoscope for September 2019

Free monthly horoscope for Sagittarius. Find out what September 2019 has in store for Sagittarius star sign, in matters of love, career and more.

Sagittarius Month

Dear Sagittarius, this month will bring conflicts and problems with people who have power over you. Control your feelings and be prudent when dealing with difficult situations. The same thing goes for your love life; your ego is affecting your relationship and it complicates things, especially during the beginning of the month. Your transactions will be profitable, especially ones made abroad. You might earn some money from unexpected sources, but you need to manage this money carefully, in order to deal with pending obligations and save up. After the middle of the month, take better care of your health and beware of some minor obstacles. Don’t commit if you don’t have to and don’t fill your schedule with tasks. Maintain a laid-back, balanced daily rhythm.

Monthly Love Horocope

You need to control what you say and how you handle your anger in your love life, in order to maintain the balance in your relationship. Unexpected situations will ruin your good mood and will make you have second thoughts. You will be jealous, possessive and aggressive in your disposition. If you are single, you will be quite disappointed by a person you met recently, who will prove to be different than you thought. Don’t let this bring you down; this month will help you meet much more interesting people.

Monthly Career Horocope

This month will bring you mixed experiences. Delays and postponements will irritate you and test your limits. Stay calm if you want to minimize the damage. New social contacts will help you promote your goals. Luck will be on your side, but you must be diplomatic in order to have a good relationship with your superiors. Your finances will be affected by unexpected expenses. However, after the middle of the month, cash flow will improve and you will feel more secure. Construct a good financial plan and your income will improve. Avoid big investments and risks, because you will lose money in the end.


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