Monthly Virgo horoscope for April 2018

Free monthly horoscope for Virgo. Find out what April 2018 has in store for Virgo star sign, with our monthly horoscopes, in matters of love, career and more.

Virgo Month

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The month kicks off with a strong focus on affairs of the heart and all things loving and romantic. A brilliant link between Mars and Saturn sets the tone for the first two weeks. Mars is all about 'push, push, push' and 'go, go, go' while Saturn is all about 'holding your horses' and remembering patience is a virtue. The clean break or fresh start you want can happen, but you'll need to accept circumstances that are beyond your control and the need for patience. However, a reward for your patience arrives on the 15th, and a bond can deepen or reach a new level of intimacy. Venus influences your career from the 24th until May 19th, helping you to dazzle and impress bosses or potential clients. The month could finish with a nifty contract or agreement bring finalized, too.

Monthly Love Horocope

An air of seriousness could permeate your emotional world, but you're likely to put in the effort if you sense it's necessary to build a strong foundation for the future – and it will! The same effort brings a shift where you've experienced an obstacle or setback for some time, and this could be evident from as early as the 7th. You're encouraged to think 'bigger' and see boundaries that have existed regarding forming a new connection or strengthening an existing one as less problematic. Affairs of the heart benefit enormously from removing yourself from an established comfort zone or routine, and you look set to be delighted by what comes from doing so!

Monthly Career Horocope

There is a saying about letting sleeping dogs lie that you need to take heed of, especially in the early part of the month. You might feel that you need to be on top of things 24/7, but the professional gods are asking that you rest on your laurels. From the Sun's departure from your work sector in late February to Venus' return to your career sector on the 25th April, you have a chance to let things settle and play out. You might not have any planetary activity in either of your two professional houses until Venus returns to your career sector on the 25th April, but with the South Node in your work sector, there is plenty of natural momentum. The South Node is not a planet and more a gravitational force and as the power behind February's solar eclipse, there is a need to trust the natural momentum this is creating. The Sun's departure in February should have brought all planetary activity on the job front to a close for the year, but Mars will return on the 16th May for the first of two visits between then and November. With the Sun and Mercury both returning to your career sector next month, Venus' return on the 25th April is the point where things will start heating up again. As you wait for a new surge on the job and career fronts, the Moon's monthly visits are an important chance to both check you're on track and to line up for what lies ahead. The Moon will move through your work sector from the 9th April to the 12th April and through your career sector from the 19th April to the 21st April. In both visits keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, without over thinking things.
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