Destiny Number

Your Destiny Number can help you understand the nature of your personal goal, mission or vocation in life. It is the astrology equivalent of the Midheaven (MC) and its calculation uses the name on the birth certificate.

In Numerology your Destiny Number is everything that was given to you at the very first moment that you came into this world. It is calculated by all the letters in your name and it’s an indication of the whole history that you hold from before you were even born. Once given to you, your name carries a powerful and influential heritage that passes down to you. It represents your real self, all your natural strengths and weaknesses and the talents that you hold. It shows the clear direction of your life, your life purpose. The name that was given to you is the one that you were meant to have.

Meaning of the Destiny Number

If there is a point in your life where you feel lost, all the information that you may gain from your Destiny Number will equip you with the right tools and knowledge in order to overcome any challenges. Knowing the skills and abilities that you hold will encourage you to become more self-confident. Life will seem easier, as you overcome obstacles more skillfully from that moment on.

So, are you loving, caring and could you make an exceptional psychotherapist or artist as the Destiny Number 6 implies?

Use our Destiny Number Calculator above to find out your Destiny Number meaning!