Life Path Number

Your life path number is the most important number in numerology, the one that determines who you are and what your vocation is. The Life path number is the astrology equivalent of your Sun sign. Fill in your date of birth and we'll do the calcualtions for you:

The Life Path uses the full date of birth (day, month, year) so make sure you have that information if you’re trying to profile someone else. Of all the number calculations in numerology, this one carries the strongest vibration of your identity. Numerology gives you the tools to understand yourself in deep, apart from telling you what the influences that can affect your future at any given time are. The Life Path number conveys who you are and what you value most in life.
This number is comparable to the Sun sign in astrology, so you can see how important that is. Just like in Astrology and studying your birth chart, learning about the different Numbers will help you understand yourself and others better. That being said, you shouldn’t fall into stereotyping since millions of people live in the world, not every 9, for example, shares precisely the same traits as everyone else with that numerology characteristic.

How to calculate your Life Path Number and what it means

Not a lot of people know theirs, so you can gain the upper hand by reading the information about the positive and negative traits of your Life Path Number carefully. Do you embody both the best and worst of your number? Do you lean more toward the negative side when you are under stress? If you currently feel unhappy, study the information about this number very carefully. Think about what changes you can make to align your current life situation more closely with the needs of this number. This number can guide you towards designing a life which suits you.
Find out your Life Path Number using our Numerology Calculator above.

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