Soul Number

Your Soul Number reveals the emotional side of your being and it has strong similarities with the Moon sign in the natal chart. The Soul Number calculation involves the vowels of your name, as it shows on your birth certificate, so all you have to do is write your full name below and we'll do the calculation for you!

In Numerology your Soul Number is an expression of your inner self and motivation. What do you like, what makes you truly happy? How do you make decisions? What do you value most?

This number can identify what motivates and inspires your soul. It can reveal the real cause and the deeper meaning of all your actions and decisions. These are all the facts that are kept private, all that your heart desires.

How we calculate your Soul Number

In Numerology each letter of the alphabet is represented by a single digit number and your Soul Number is calculated by assigning each of your name’s vowels to a digit. You should do that separately for your first, middle and last name, then add them all up. 

We'll do the calculation for you. Just fill in your details above and find out the meaning of your Soul Number!