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Wondering about your future? Seeking an accurate prediction? An astrology reading can provide you with the most accurate insights possible. No matter which of our insightful psychics you choose to contact, you will receive a highly personalised reading, based on your birth chart, the map of all planetary positions at the date, time and place of your birth.

One thing most people don’t understand about astrology is that every detail matters.  Your horoscope is more than just which of the 12 star signs of the Zodiac you belong to. A good example of this, if you’re interested in love compatibility for instance, is that while your partner’s sign may match yours, if his Aries Moon clashes with your Moon in Cancer it may end up in tears.

 If you’ve been reading Horoscope Friends for a while, you probably already know that there are 12 Houses in astrology and which sign rules each house as well as which planets are positioned in it, is something inevitably intertwined with the understanding of the chart.

Our professionals will reveal to you your ascendant and its meaning in combination with your star sign. They will examine all the planetary aspects on your natal chart (as well as your partner’s) and explain to you which types of energy are more prominent in you and why.

Choose one that specialises in the field you are interested in and make sure to let them know the exact details surrounding the event of your birth to get the most out of your experience!