Summer 2016 Love Horoscope

Welcome to the 2016 Summer Love Horoscope! Summer 2016 enters as a damp squib but it goes out with a BANG! Fill in your e-mail and select your star sign below to read the summer love horoscope for your star sign:  

What does the summer love horoscope hold for all of us?

During Summer 2016, Love planet Venus is in full strength (unlike last year) so you will be able to get much more love and pleasure out of this summer. We have three of the five 2016 eclipses back to back in August and September! Mid-August to mid-September is likely to be the craziest period with mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces feeling the brunt of it.

Your Summer 2016 Horoscope at a Glance:

June is lack-lustre to begin with, hectic and uncertain. Highlights June 12-14 and June 27. Maximum intensity June 20th-30th.

July - and especially 1st-12th - is the most easy-flowing period of the summer. It’s good for a holiday if you can grab a moment to get away. After months on emergency power, July 17th flicks the switch at the mains.

August 2nd brings a much needed stabilising influence. But the thermostat starts hitting red soon after, with major tests, changes, twists and turns to keep you reeling all the way to the end of September!

Fill in your e-mail and select your star sign above to read the summer 2016 love horoscope for your star sign!