Summer Love Horoscope 2018

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Summer! The season love was made for. No need to rip the petals off of daisies if you’re single or feel that you’re on you’re own in a relationship that’s lost its way, say, because your Summer 2018 Love Horoscope is here with some heart-shaped help. Yes, we’re about peruse what’s in store for your zodiac sign, and tell you what, and possibly whom, is gonna send you soaring as high as the pollen count - mainly going on the movements of the love planets, Venus and Mars.

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General astrology for summer 2018:

And when we say summer, we mean from June through to August. During this time frame, beautiful Venus moves from Cancer, through Leo and Virgo, ending up in the love and relationship sign, Libra, where she’ll work her magic in August. Mars, the little scamp, turns retrograde in Aquarius on the 26th of June and then gets a big strop on (he hates going back over old ground) as he reluctantly drags his feet back through Aquarius and Capricorn, resuming his directness on the 27th of August. So he’s pretty much in reverse commute for the entire summer, but that’s okay. Look at it this way, when he’s going forwards he can make us live to regret our impulsiveness, or we end up repenting at leisure. So say hello to a summer where patience brings its own rewards and when we must stop and smell the roses and the coffee and the washing on the line.

We must also mention the eclipses, because we’ve got three of them in July and August. The first, a solar eclipse in the cuddly zodiac sign of Cancer, happens on the 13th of July. The other two are in the fiercely independent signs of Leo and Aquarius, peaking on the 27th of July, lunar eclipse in Aquarius, and with the 11th of August’s solar eclipse in Leo. Thus there might be freedom-intimacy issues afoot, dear Horoscope Friends. Let’s see what all of this is bloomin’ well gonna mean for your zodiac sign’s summer 2018 love horoscope!