Free tarot card readings give accurate answers to your most important questions about love, the potential of your relationship and your career prospects.

Select the free tarot reading from our list below and enjoy your personal forecast..

  • Free Tarot Reading

    Free Tarot Reading
    Free online Tarot Reading about Love and Career. Just select 4 tarot cards from the deck and get an accurate answer. Learn now about your future.
  • Love Tarot Card for the Day based on your Sign

    Love Tarot Card for the Day based on your Sign
    This is a free daily love tarot reading, based on your zodiac sign. Simply select your star sign from the list below and read your daily love tarot horoscope.
  • Love Tarot Compatibility

    Love Tarot Compatibility
    Got your mind set on someone special? Check out how compatible you two are, with our love tarot compatibility checker!
  • Celtic Cross Love Tarot Reading

    Celtic Cross Love Tarot Reading
    Your Celtic Cross love tarot reading is below. Fill in your details, type your question and hit "Start". Once you're done, you'll be given the option to have your reading sent to your e-mail, so that you don't forget what the tarot told you today!
  • Daily Tarot Reading

    Daily Tarot Reading
    The daily tarot card reading selects a tarot card for each star sign, depending on the day's general outlook. In the daily tarot horoscope, each star sign is allocated a tarot card that determines the course of the day.
  • Daily Career Tarot Reading

    Daily Career Tarot Reading
    Daily Career tarot reading horoscope is a work and career daily tarot reading based on your star sign. See which tarot card has been chosen for your sign today.
  • Love Potential Tarot Reading

    Love Potential Tarot Reading
    The love potential tarot shows you whether a recent love interest is worth pursuing. Ask the love potential tarot for advice on your new romantic interest, select a card and see what the result is!
  • Single Love Tarot

    Single Love Tarot
    This is the ultimate love tarot reading, created specifically for singles! Don't waste your time with readings that talk about people in a relationship! If your answer is yes to any of the questions below, this reading was designed for YOU!
  • Soul Mate Tarot Reading

    Soul Mate Tarot Reading
    Have you met the ONE or is this going to be another heart break? Is the person you are interested in worth your time? Are your feelings mutual?
  • Love Tarot Reading

    Love Tarot Reading
    Free tarot reading for your current love life and the potential of your relationship.