Tomorrow's horoscope - Sunday, 01 March, 2020

Tomorrow's horoscope - Sunday, 01 March, 2020

Βelow is Tomorrow's Horoscope for Sunday 01 March 2020. Choose your zodiac sign from the list below to know what the next day brings to you on matters of love, romance and career.

March is here and the Moon moves from Taurus into Gemini to mark this occasion. This means that you might enjoy a calm, steady pace for starters, but things become a little unstuck by Sunday night. That’s because, after a sure-footed day in Taurus, the silver orb enters Gemini and you go all jittery and excited! Expect words, movement and commotion. Tired and wired? Read your daily horoscope and calm down, followed by the starry nitty gritty for your zodiac sign.

Secure your ground with the help of the Taurus Moon.

You’ve fought for some new ground over the past couple of days and it’s time to secure it. The Taurus Moon is nothing if not thorough. It cares not what might be just around the corner, nought about trends or where the hippest party might be. It cares about what’s right here, right now. What you’ve got. This is a good day to sort through your belongings, tackle your finances or enjoy a hearty meal straight from your garden. You’re not averse to a little luxury either, so perhaps a lie in or a massage is in order?

The Moon trines Pluto in the morning, giving you staying power. Determination is your middle name. Whatever the day has in store, bring it on! Nothing can defeat you now. With a trine by Saturn up next,  staying the course comes easy, as is doing the right thing. You’ve got this! Reconciling with an ex? Here’s what not to do (based on your star sign)!

Come Sunday night, however, your world goes topsy turvy! News might catch you by surprise. Disorder arises as new information comes in. New messages, phone calls and requests, new meetings and conversations might throw a spanner in the works and get your nerves all in jitters!

If you’ve been bored to tears with all this Taurus energy, you’ll be glad for it. Glad for some distraction, even if it keeps you up at night. Sunday night throws lots of darts in the dark, piquing your curiosity and it’s unlike you’ll be able to calm down early enough to call it a night. Can’t sleep? Check out your star sign’s horoscope for more on all that.

01 Mar 2020