Tomorrow's horoscope - Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Tomorrow's horoscope - Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Βelow is Tomorrow's Horoscope for Thursday 21 February 2019. Choose your zodiac sign from the list below to know what the next day brings to you on matters of love, romance and career.

The Libra Moon makes for a gentle, loving Thursday in all - unless you act unfairly and like a brute, of course, in which case the Libra Moon is sure to poke you in the eye! Either that or walk away in disgust - but nobody wants to be alone today. The Moon’s in Libra for goodness sakes! Read on for the daily horoscope for your star sign and all the astrology nitty gritty of what the planets are up to right now!

He loves me, he loves me not…the Libra Moon’s indecisive as ever!

The Moon moves from matter of fact Virgo into much more diplomatic Libra today and it’s time to bring some beautiful colours and scented candles to anything that feels a little too dry and clinical… Yes, some things are purely functional and may indeed work pretty well… But what’s the point if they look like something that’s just crawled up from the bottom of a sewer? Looks speak a thousand words and you want to spruce things up today, especially as people are often prone to judge a book by its cover. Get working on that cover! You’ve done your work. Now it’s all about presentation…

Is there an ogre in the room? Or is it an elephant perhaps? That’s Chiron in Aries. The Libra Moon’s first port of call is an opposition with Chiron in Aries and you’ve got a relationship crisis or a diplomatic challenge on your hands. No amount of pleasantries and fluffy pillows will convince someone to be yours as the Moon and Chiron oppose. You’ve got to be authentic. Uncompromising. To tell the truth. This is the first contact of the Moon with Chiron in Aries since September last year and whatever was on your mind last summer is coming into full view once more, this time to stay. The difference being? Now you’re ready for it!

Read on for your zodiac sign’s horoscope and for all the nitty gritty on love, career and happiness.

21 Feb 2019