Tomorrow's horoscope - Friday, 30 October, 2020

Tomorrow's horoscope - Friday, 30 October, 2020

Βelow is Tomorrow's Horoscope for Friday 30 October 2020. Choose your zodiac sign from the list below to know what the next day brings to you on matters of love, romance and career.

The Aries Moon is waxing and almost full, heading to that beautiful Taurus Full Moon tomorrow! It’s a micro moon, small and far away from the earth. But more distant still is the planet Uranus, conjunct this Halloween’s Full Moon! Rebel Uranus is the star of the show this weekend and there are some incredible surprises in store. For now, you’re full of beans and pulling out all the stops... Here’s to a wonderful, electrifying celebration tomorrow! And check out your daily horoscope for every star sign for today’s love forecast, career predictions, the lot!

Just do it! The Aries Moon wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s a hard and fast day today. The Moon’s in impatient, energetic Aries and you’ve got things to be doing and places to be going. Well, perhaps, the ‘going’ part less so, especially if your little part of town is in lockdown (did you know that’s prison lingo by the way?). That little trifle is not going to hold you back anyhow - not today, no sir! Uranus is feeling rebellious and so is Aries. Woe is whoever takes it upon themselves to tell Aries what to do. And as for Uranus, you can bark orders all you like, Uranus is not even within earshot!

Still, the Aries Moon has its work cut out. All the big boys have lined up to tell Aries what to do but Aries won’t listen. Jupiter in Capricorn is up first, talking all about right and wrong, all righteous’n all. But no amount of preaching will take Aries’ eye off the goal. And so Jupiter calls on powerful Pluto and here come the threats. It’s ‘my way or the highway’ where Pluto goes but little old Aries won’t be terrorised. Fear be damned! Finally, it’s left to Saturn to pass the law and simply tell you “you simply can’t”. And so Aries, courageous or not, has to find a way around all that red tape...

Which brings us are your negotiating skills? Mercury retrograde in Libra has the last word and words could fly. There’s lots to arrange and communicate and some sort of compromise is key to the conundrum. Just in time for the Moon to enter sensual Taurus tonight - oh what deliciousness awaits!

30 Oct 2020