Tomorrow's horoscope - Monday, 16 December, 2019

Tomorrow's horoscope - Monday, 16 December, 2019

Βelow is Tomorrow's Horoscope for Monday 16 December 2019. Choose your zodiac sign from the list below to know what the next day brings to you on matters of love, romance and career.

The Moon trines the Sun and everything is in harmony in your world. It’s the start of a fantastic if somewhat intense week and time to pull out all the stops! With such extraordinary aspects in the sky, this is no time to be sitting idle. Jupiter just finished trining Uranus, opening up an opportunity of a lifetime for you. As the Moon squares Mars this morning it’s putting ants in your pants and making sure you don’t waste a single moment in setting your plans in motion. Take a minute and wisen up with your daily horoscope while you’re at it!

The Moon and Sun boost your confidence!

The Moon and the Sun are in fire signs right now and you’re full of beans! Right along the last degrees of Sagittarius, the Sun trines the waning Leo Moon today, setting your world on fire. Everything is flowing right along and you’re feeling pretty confident in all. Whatever challenges you’re facing, you can be sure you’ll overcome them. Especially given this once in a lifetime opportunity offered by Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus… This a one off super-lucky aspect that opens doors for all star signs. But hurry! This one won’t stick around for long.

The Moon is waning and it’s time to make good on all your plans and promises. What are you waiting for? The Moon squares Mars in the morning lighting fire rockets under your seat. Not a moment to lose! Star Sign Leo does not like to be pushed around. Best take the lead then. Mars in Scorpio leaves you in no doubt that it is time. 

Earth signs, now’s your moment to muster all you strength and take that big risk - whether in love or business! For water signs, your finances are looking to improve, curtesy of the relationships you’ve built. Air signs can look forward to happy encounters that help something click inside you. And as for fire signs, time to count your rewards in pounds and pennies! Is that a promotion we see?

Read all about the starry nitty gritty on love, career and the rest in your horoscope, star sign by star sign!

16 Dec 2019