Tomorrow's horoscope - Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

Tomorrow's horoscope - Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

Βelow is Tomorrow's Horoscope for Wednesday 27 May 2020. Choose your zodiac sign from the list below to know what the next day brings to you on matters of love, romance and career.

The Moon enters Leo dispelling the clouds and bringing a ray of sunshine! It’s not all smooth sailing as the Moon has Saturn and Uranus to contend with but it’s wort the trouble. Make a bold move. Take a chance and give your heart what it wants. As the Moon hits its waxing sextile with the Sun, you can finally gain some clarity. You get a sense of what this weird Gemini New Moon that began barely five days ago, has in mind for you. Keep reading for your daily horoscope and the zodiac lowdown for your star sign!

Where’s that million dollar smile? The Moon’s in Leo!

Say cheese! The Leo Moon loves all the attention so give it all you’ve got. And why not? Leo brings such love and warmth into your world, when Leo is feeling good that is, so stroke that ego. Give it its 15 minutes in the sun.

This might be easier said than done in the morning, as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and someone’s raining all over your parade. Duty calls and you’ll have to postpone your fun a little further down the line. Whatever you do right now, do it responsibly.

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The Sun and Moon sextile next and you can finally see the first fruit of your efforts. Things are taking shape and form and that can be exciting! A square with Uranus makes sure that “exciting” doesn’t even begin to describe it. You’re positively at the edge of your seat as what’s beginning to take shape has an unpredictable element written all over it. Want to avoid some heat? Here’s the one thing you should never ask, for each star sign!

Fun is the name of the game when the Moon is in Leo. So give yourself permission to play. Dress up, take a picture - there, feel better now. And if the night’s running away with you, you can trust good old Chiron to give you a helping hand. Keep it real. Stay true to your heart and all will go swimmingly.

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27 May 2020