Tomorrow's Aquarius horoscope for Friday, 25 May 2018

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Aquarius Tomorrow

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This is a day to focus on your career and how ell you do there will also determine how good you feel. Whatever obstacles arises in your path, you’ll need to face it head on and address it. Don’t let anything stand in your way! Use logic and reason as your guide and try to restrain your emotions and sentimental impulses.

Daily Love Horoscope

Your partner is making heavier and heavier demands on your time and you’re feeling trapped and pressurised into a situation that you can’t control. If you feel that your partner does not understand you why not try a more diplomatic approach? Be less direct and you might just be able to get your other half to see things your way. If you’re single, this is a day to really enjoy your freedom! Just relish your ability to do whatever you want whenever you want it, while you still can!

Daily Career Horoscope

There’s a fresh breeze blowing your way career wise. You’ve built a good buffer zone to any professional problems and this helps you easily rise to any challenges on your path. You have lots of financial obligations to meet. Settle these before you let yourself incur fresh expenses.

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Friday 25 May 2018