Tomorrow's Cancer horoscope for Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Cancer horoscope for tomorrow Tuesday, 28 May 2019. Read now what the stars have in store for Cancer next day horoscope on matters of love and career.

Cancer Tomorrow

Today you will be filled with an incredible feeling of energy and your mood will be radiant. Take advantage of this by spending time with friends doing something you enjoy. As the day progresses, you might find yourself struggling to get control of your thoughts and actions. The fact that you do not know what's happening to you makes you extremely irritable and rising sensations of anxiety make you prone to starting conflicts with those around you. It's time to calm down, take a few deep breaths and slow down. There's no point in jeopardising your friendships for the sake of a passing mood.

Tomorrow's Love Horoscope

The volatile behaviour you have been exhibiting in recent weeks has your partner at sixes and sevens. He just doesn't know what to do. Try to remain calm and get a grip on yourself. If you are single, it's not a day for meeting new people since you will be liable to making the wrong choices.

Tomorrow's Career Horoscope

Everything is fine at work, as you are getting on well with your colleagues and fellow team-mates, and you are able to take constructive steps to achieve your plans. Your finances are in a parlous state since you are finding it tough to get them back under control. With patience and a plan all will turn out OK.

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Tuesday 28 May 2019