Tomorrow's Gemini horoscope for Friday, 25 May 2018

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Gemini Tomorrow

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Certain projects seem to be lagging behind and you will need to divert all your energy and attention to them if you are to bring them to pass. Don’t keep putting them off or saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Unfortunately you don’t seem to have much time on your hands these days and your partner is also putting extra pressure on you. If you take it out on them, you’ll later regret it. Do don’t.

Daily Love Horoscope

Love is in the air today! Get ready to have a wonderful evening with your other half, leaving all your day to day woes and cares far behind. If you‘ve been having negative thoughts about your relationship of late, this evening will blow all that out of the water. If you are single, you are in for a lovely surprise by someone from your past. This is sure to make you think.

Daily Career Horoscope

You have lots to do at work today and you might work so hard that you’ll feel exhausted by the end of it. Don’t. Try to manage your time, organise yourself and prioritise the most important and urgent tasks first. When it comes to your finances, you’re sure to be presented with certain opportunities to raise your income but you will need to think them carefully through before you give an answer. Make sure to settle any payments before you take fresh risks.

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Friday 25 May 2018