Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 17 Dec - 23 Dec has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

Weekly horoscope: This week predictions for love and career.

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Your stars predict a full on week for December 17-23! Mars gives you an energy boost come the Monday, the Sun connects with Uranus before dropping into Capricorn - hello Winter Solstice! - and a super-romantic Cancer Full Moon ends the whole parade, right on the heels of some great astrology aspects. All this makes for a truly memorable time so, let’s take a closer look! (Or you can also just scroll down and check out your weekly horoscope!)

It’s the final stretch till Christmas and a sextile between Mars and Pluto prepares you to hit the ground running come the Monday and power through to the finish line. There’s no time like the present! And, with Christmas just around the corner, you need to pull out all the stops! Thankfully the stars are on side to help you make the most of this last week before the holidays.  Need a hand? Check out our expert guide about the best Christmas gift to get each star sign!

Can’t wait till the holidays? You might not have to wait that long! There’s a party going on this Thursday, Friday and Saturday! By Thursday, the Sun and Uranus trine and what a nice surprise that is! This is the last time that these two will connect across fire signs. This could bring a breakthrough before the week is out, allowing you to skip lighter and happier into new year!

By Friday, the party is full on! Venus trines Neptune bringing you love and romance in a sexy wrapping and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius lifting your spirits and firing up your optimism. Now’s the time to make BIG plans! What are you dreaming of? What do you envision? Think big! Friday is a fantastic day to shop, travel, date or hang out. It’s also the day of the winter solstice, a.k.a. the Sun’s entry into Capricorn (happy birthay Cap!). Go on, cozy up on this shortest of nights!

The big astrology hunk of a week ends with a most delicious, moist Cancer Full Moon that’s positively dripping with honey! This weekend is sure to take you on a powerful emotional rollercoaster - and even a trip down memory lane - shining a light on your most private and intimate feelings. Whatever it is, this time it’s personal… But with a difference. The lights are on, the bells are ringing and you know just what to do. Finally!

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16 Dec 2018