Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 17 Jun - 23 Jun has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

Weekly horoscope: This week predictions for love and career.

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The week of June 17-23 begins on a high with a Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct retrograde Jupiter, right as Saturn and Neptune sextile. Then things get pretty intense as Mars and Mercury meet and oppose Pluto but you’ll soon be able to let all that wash away as Neptune stations retrograde right on the Summer Solstice. We’re talking a week of bright colours, stark contrasts, great passions and incredible romance here, so let’s have a look at what your weekly horoscope for June 17-23 has in store…

Feeling lucky? Sexy? Romantic? It's three-for-one in your weekly horoscope!

Are you feeling lucky? We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct lucky Jupiter on Monday June 17th and your fortune is literally being served on a silver platter! If you’ve also put in the work and done all you can to maximise your luck, you’re finally ready to reap the rewards.

Come Tuesday the 18th, the dream-come-true 2019 Neptune-Saturn sextile perfects just as Mercury (brains) and Mars (brawn) conjunct. Now you’re all psyched, armed with information and ready to work your magic to make your dreams a reality!

Be ready for some  passionate encounters and intense confrontations this week! On Wednesday the 19th Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn, then so does Mars in Cancer. Brace yourself.  Discussions are going to get heated and power-struggles will ensue. Still, if you enjoy a bit of a challenge, this energy is right up your street. Are you ready for battle? Submit to the inexorable forces of change - and don’t let them steal your mojo!

And then, before you know it, the 2019 Summer Solstice is upon you! The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st - happy birthday Cancer! And it’s riding on a frothy, hopelessly romantic wave of feeling that is Neptune in Pisces stationing retrograde. You’re so full of emotion now, your eyes so moist, your glasses so rose-coloured, your heart so full of hopes and dreams… You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Find someone to share it with!

The week ends on an invigorating note as Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune, activating the big, pie eyed 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square one final time. Your heart is fit to burst with longing, desire, romance. Can you handle it? Let love in.

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