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Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 01 Mar - 07 Mar has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

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Staying attuned to last Saturday's Virgo Full Moon, which pours its cosmic rays into the next fortnight, it asks us to be mindful of keeping in trim our physical and spiritual realms.


Monday and Tuesday does though, see the enriching energies of Mars and Pluto, continuing from last week, in a super-positive combination, urging us to seize the moment, and power forwards towards our key goals and objectives with determination and verve.


Need some romantic spice in your life? Venus and Uranus flirt for fun this week, which can lead to the most delightful encounters. If local Covid restrictions mean meeting someone new is tough just now, sparks can still fly digitally, and for those lucky enough to be able to be more spontaneous, an unexpected or unplanned connection, meeting or encounter, can see pulses race. Settled? Look to try to do something different together. Change up your routines, cook a different recipe together, break down every-day routines, turn the TV off, and find ways to surprise one another.


Venus and Uranus in Sextile, can also lead to some financial serendipity.

Again, good fortune could occur when we are least expecting it, but delight may come in many different forms. Mars also switches signs on Wednesday, into the bright, sparkly and effervescent energies of Gemini. The next six weeks can be a time when we all wish to be more physically active, share our ideas with passion and enthusiasm, and delight with being a little more shocking or contrary.


With Mercury meeting fortune maker Jupiter in Aquarius, generally a time of brighter, more outgoing communications can be sparked, and greater collaboration and co-operation can become key themes for many. True, there is a complex Quarter Moon on Saturday, one which asks us to stay resolutely grounded, for something we'd usually turn the other cheek to could just get under our skin somewhat. Why? Well, with the dreamy energies of Neptune in the mix, fact can seem stranger than fiction, so if someone seems like they are exaggerating something to the point of unreality, they may well be so! Care will be needed around contracts and documentation.

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