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Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 26 Jul - 01 Aug has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

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This week is action packed to say the least! But this brings real excitement to bear. For sure, the energy of last week's Aquarius Full Moon continues to powerfully resonate, so balancing what we need to do for ourselves (Leo Sun) needs to mesh together with how we interact with others (Aquarius Moon).

However, the Sun is given wonderful support all week, with the Semi-Sextile to Venus that it forges. This is a lovely combination, not least because this Sun is really at home in the sign of the Lion, Leo, and Venus wants to please in practical ways in the earthy Virgo. A combination of flair and application can be perfect for any creative strands, but also this can be a time when we initiate things, but want to see some tangible evidence that there can be improvements or progress. Venus can of course be about love, good taste, fashion and money, so her link to Uranus later in the week, may also trigger some unexpected but potentially pleasant surprises around any of these areas, and there could also be a surprise invitation or date proposed.


With Mercury arriving in Leo on Wednesday...

Something which may have seemed unclear, bogged down in emotion or dragging its proverbial feet, can really speed up with the Fire and drive of the sign of Leo. We may find it easier to articulate our message or to reach out to someone key. Jupiter moves, on the same day, backwards, yes, reversing in its retrograde to Aquarius, where it will stay for all but the last three days of the year. With the lockdown being eased in many places and Jupiter the sign of travel and Aquarius the sign of community and humanity, this will likely give us a greater desire to mix and mingle, so this might be a telling phase until Jupiter goes direct in mid-October.

However, the business of this week is underlined further more on Thursday, as Mars powers into Virgo for a six week stay. Joining with Venus in the sign of purity, this change can push us to be more hardworking around the details of situations. Any desire to learn more about nutrition, make some changes around our fitness regime or look for a new role at work, can be stoked by the passion and determination of Mars in Virgo.

Friday to Sunday does see the Sun in Leo, go face to face with the more restrictive vibe of Saturn. We may encounter more muted responses from people, or there can be a sense of coolness or restriction. Also on Saturday, the lunation in Taurus urges us not to be too free and easy with our resources.

As Mercury inches forward by the week's end it joins with the Sun in that opposition with Saturn, but together they can boost our mental faculties and ability to critique opportunities with crispness. But there could still be someone, who despite the evidence or ingenuity of an idea, remain rather unmoved or unimpressed. This is where we need to just stay steady and know that brilliance will always find a way to shine through!

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