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Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 10 May - 16 May has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

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What a week! Why? Well, we’ve had a series of debilitated lunations, in other words, New, Quarter, Full Moons and Eclipses, that have had another planet in a challenging and difficult location to the main event. What this does, is dilute, deflect or limit the power of the lunation and the potential for positivity and uplift.


But this week on Tuesday, the gorgeous New Moon in Taurus breaks the spell, angling to the planet of healing, Neptune, and the planet of transformation, Pluto, in the most marvellous of ways. With Mars also continuing to spark off the maverick Uranus, it's all to go for, and a great opportunity to set our intentions for a much brighter phase.


So, what's the celestial nuts and bolts of all this? The New Moon in Taurus is about our self-worth, the foundations of our existence and the day-to-day stuff that makes us feel secure and safe. It also governs everyday finances, but the ruler of Taurus is Venus, and all this is encouraging us to enjoy the earthly delights of life, whether it's good food, good wine, natural walks and nature, or for some lucky folks, more sensuous interactions. And Neptune is giving us an extra level of sensitivity, even compassion, but most of all, sensory awareness to bring all this to life.


With Pluto also in an earth sign in Capricorn, some alchemy is the mix!

So if we feel inspired by an idea to better our situations, change our approach to expenditure, or in contrast, indulge ourselves with some lovely luxurious treats, then we should go for it. The ironic thing about the planet of action Mars, and the planet of freedom Uranus continuing their fine angle, is that neither is in their most favourable locations. Despite this, they can increase our instinct for opportunities, and particularly where we can de-clutter and sell off unwanted items at home, work from home, start a small enterprise, build flexibility around the needs of other family members, or actually take action to improve the layout of our domestic set up, or even move altogether.


And there is more, for Mercury, loving its time in the sign of Mercury, forges a fabulous link to the intense planet of exacting standards, Saturn. So anything which requires careful research or analysis will benefit from time taken to really scrutinise details. With Venus also in Gemini, good communication is a key way to work with this New Moon energy, and especially where we are trying to marshal our resources more flexibly. Venus in Gemini can give us the gift of the gab, but also see us express ourselves more fluently, be it in conversation, text, email or musically.


Perhaps the one influence to look out for this week that is more challenging, is Mars square or a 90 degree tense angle to the comet of healing, Chiron. This link urges us not to jump to conclusions if someone we know is having a tough time, or seems more defensive than usual. And most of all, we need to push back about judging ourselves too harshly about where we stand materially. Neptune and Pluto are urging us to dive deep, and see the spiritual dimension, and use money particularly, as a form of energetic exchange, rather than what truly defines us.

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12 May 2021