Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 16 May - 22 May has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

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Neptune provides for a strong intuition this week

The first half of the week is dominated by Neptune, because it is now aspected twice in the horoscope. Neptune triggers your sensitive side and strengthens your intuition. You could work as a clairvoyant, because you can feel what's going on in others - and what will happen next. Listen to your gut and make decisions intuitively, and you'll make the most of the Neptune vibe.

Watch out a little, though: Don't trust people you don't know too quickly, and don't let them use you as a grievance box. You have so much compassion, some might try to take advantage of it. Be there for the people who are important to you. But also consciously set yourself apart again and again. What do you need right now? It is important that your wishes and needs do not take a back seat in all charity.

From Thursday on there's the concentrated Sun-Pluto-Power

While you are emotionally involved on Wednesday, you will also be physically active from Thursday on. This is due to the Sun-Pluto trine. The Sun gives power, and Pluto strengthens the effect even more. Especially the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are bursting with energy, because Sun and Pluto are in earth signs in the horoscope today. But all others are spurred on by this strong cosmic energy as well. Go ahead and get active, you can do great things!

And you will also succeed with what you tackle. This is especially true on Friday under the Mercury-Jupiter sextile. Mercury supports your projects and Jupiter gives you the necessary portion of luck. Many things will be easier and your successes will be a bit bigger. Because when Pluto gets involved, everything comes in XL format.

The Gemini Sun makes you open-minded and inquisitive..

On Saturday, the Sun changes into Gemini and its motto is: Give us the input. Everything that expands your horizons is particularly good for you now. Ideal for this are especially smaller trips and excursions. And chats with other people: whether live or via Slack or Zoom. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to exchange ideas and pick up new ones in conversation.

It's not about going into great depth. Small talk is enough, because under the Gemini Sun in the horoscope it's especially easy to touch on various topics and briefly deal with them. Detailed questions or fine tuning can wait. Light conversation is the order of the day, so let loose - and stay on the surface. That's quite enough for now.

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16 May 2022