Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 21 Oct - 27 Oct has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

Weekly horoscope: This week predictions for love and career.

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Mars in Libra squares Saturn and the Lunar, making this a rough and challenging week, October 21st - 27th! With the Sun entering Scorpio n Wednesday too and preparing for a firecracker of a New Moon next week, you’ll find yourself right in the thick of it! But you won’t feel this immediately, not with star-crossed lovers Venus and Neptune pulling at your heart strings this Monday the 21st. Enjoy the romance! Fill your heart with love! Because soon enough, you’l have your plate full!

Deal maker or deal breaker? Saturn tells Mars to toe the line!

Venus trines Neptune on Monday the 21st, filling your world with love and beauty! Enjoy this beautiful pink haze - isn’t it lovely? - because things will progressively toughen up as we head toward next Sunday the 27th and the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio.

Still, Monday night is a beaut! Venus in sexy Scorpio trines Neptune in dreamy Pisces and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a super-romantic evening. An act of love or just sheer kindness is all it takes to start your week off on the right foot now. More than that, being kind now could save you trouble later. Mars squares the Lunar Nodes on Monday too and it’s time to make a decision about who you want to be and how you want to act. Time to put all that’s dead and buried behind you and set sail for fresh and life-giving shores!

Come Wednesday, the Sun enters Scorpio and things take on a sexy, intense, fated feel… Scorpio is the zodiac sign of crisis and change. And you’re getting ready for some shocking revelations! But not before the New Moon in Scorpio late Sunday night - Monday Morning 27th- 28th October. This is just a heads up. Change is coming!

By Friday, the lovely Venus is at play again pushing for honesty and intimacy in relationships. Nothing’s too taboo or forbidden! You’ll have a real chance to delve in the deepest recesses of your heart - and perhaps your wallet. Time to get real intimate! Friday brings an opportunity to build trust and that includes your bank manager.

And now we get to the weekend October 26th - 27th and that challenging Scorpio New Moon - not to be trifled with! You might have plans for that weekend but someone will come down on those plans like a ton of bricks, as Mars squares Saturn. Maybe you have a mountain of work to do? Or perhaps you’ve been unruly and it’s time to toe the line? You might feel very tired and put upon. More so, this is a vibe that’s gonna be carried well into the Scorpio New Moon of 2019 due in the early hours of Monday morning. You’ve no choice but to comply, work with what you’ve got and show some discipline and respect.

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