Weekly Leo horoscope for 22/01 - 21/01

Free weekly horoscope for Leo star sign and Leo Ascendant people, for the week 22 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018. Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in our general weekly horoscope.

Leo Week

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Your generosity is one of many amazing attributes you possess. However, this week, you might need to make a concerted effort to know when 'enough is enough' where benevolence is concerned. Your keenness to make someone's world a more comfortable place is laudable, but you could go to unnecessary lengths to do so. Someone else's problem needn't be one you feel obliged to take on and solve on their behalf. You'll do them and yourself the biggest favor by being supportive, but from a distance.

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22 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018