Weekly Leo horoscope for 24/02 - 01/03

Free weekly horoscope for Leo star sign, for the week 24 Feb - 01 Mar Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in matters of love, career and more.

Leo Week

Dear Leo, you are a very dynamic sign that never hesitates to battle and impose their superiority. However, this week, you also prove that you can manoeuvre in a smart way, among the issues you suddenly have to deal with. You feel the need to get rid of anything that confines and pushes you. Be careful how you express this need in your love life. Make a realistic assessment of the facts, lest you end a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Your love horoscope for this week

There is an intense projection of your individuality on your love life this week. You keep making your need for freedom clear and you refuse to be affected by the demands of others, including your partner. Now is the time for them to prove if they deserve to be by your side or not. Do they respect your personality and your needs or do they try to control you? If the latter is true, your common path is about to reach a dead end. If you have been lonely, lately, this week will not change your status. Of course, you never know what the stars might bring you.

Your career horoscope for this week

Work will take a positive - and unexpectedly lucrative - course this week. Unplanned incidents are always part of the picture, however this time they will work to your benefit. You manage to come up with solutions, even if last-minute ones. In finances, consistency and prudence will help your situation. Be organized and goal-oriented.

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