Weekly Taurus horoscope for 22/07 - 28/07

Free weekly horoscope for Taurus star sign, for the week 22 Jul - 28 Jul Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in matters of love, career and more.

Taurus Week

Dear Taurus, this week will be full of ups and downs. The planets keep moving and create mixed conditions in your everyday life. The beginning of the week is more suitable for promoting your plans, with strong, decisive steps. After the middle of the week, maintain a more neutral attitude towards your affairs. The weekend will bring you beautiful moments, especially on Sunday. Use this day to plan interesting activities with your loved ones, or a small excursion with your partner.

Your love horoscope for this week

This week will bring you various developments. Around the middle of the week, the conditions will be suitable to approach your partner and revive your relationships. After that, you should maintain a more conservative attitude and be careful what you say, as they might create tensions between you and your partner. During the weekend, things will improve, so make sure you enjoy your time, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Your career horoscope for this week

Work is on a very good track, but you must make some time for yourself when things become more pressing, during this week. You will need your strength to carry on. Thankfully, the planets will give you moments of peace which you can use to deal with your daily obligations. In your finances, deal with the most urgent matters during the beginning of the week.

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