Weekly Virgo horoscope for 17/12 - 23/12

Free weekly horoscope for Virgo star sign, for the week 17 Dec - 23 Dec Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in matters of love, career and more.

Virgo Week

Dear Virgo, this week, expect many changes to your schedule. Power and energy will be your prevailing characteristics and you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind on. Your communication skills will be boosted, but your mood will be strange, because you have not yet prepared yourself for the radical changes that are coming.

Your love horoscope for this week

Many things that bother you in your relationship will be overcome eventually, if you are determined to make drastic moves. Do things that will bring you closer to your partner and share with them your thoughts and your concerns. If you are single, you will have the opportunity to make many interesting acquaintances. Be your best self and you won’t regret it.

Your career horoscope for this week

At work, try to be organized and disciplined. Do not get carried away and do things that can stress you out later; instead, stick to a plan that will make sure you fulfill your obligations. Handle your finances carefully, with detail. Don’t get into expenses that can cause you trouble.

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