Weekly Virgo horoscope for 27/06 - 03/07

Free weekly horoscope for Virgo star sign, for the week 27 Jun - 03 Jul Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in matters of love, career and more.

Virgo Week

Dear Virgo, you usually move according to a plan and these coming days your need for planning will be even stronger than usual. This will help you secure a good course for your affairs and get rid of the excess anxiety. You have made mistakes in the past and you have learnt from them. Your love life flourished this weekend, when the mood is more relaxed. You are guided by your intuition, which helps you make some exceptional choices. Trust it.

Your love horoscope for this week

Your love life is balanced this week. Rationality will help you bring back the harmony in your relationship. Your mood will be sensual and emotional. Tensions subside and things regain a certain calmness, like a calm sea sparkling in the sun. Warm and pleasurable, this is what your love life will be like. You exude calmness and serenity and this may attract someone new. Make your move and don't let any second thoughts stop you.

Your career horoscope for this week

Things look good at work. You will resolve pending issues and, at the same time, unexpected propositions will occur. Think before you make decisions, lest your enthusiasm gets you carried away. You are driven by your ambition, which finds a way to come true. It does take time, however. In finances, slow and steady steps will get you where you need to be.

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