Weekly Love Horoscope - Aquarius

.This is the free weekly love horoscope for Aquarius star sign and Aquarius Ascendant people, for the week 20 Feb 2017 - 26 Feb 2017. Find out how this week’s astrology aspects and planetary movement will affect your love life.

Aquarius - Week

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Are you inclined to bring change for the sake of it - maybe because a situation has grown tired or tedious and change might be welcomed? You can bring change to your emotional world this week but be aware of how far-reaching change you're instigating could be. Only instigate it if you're willing to accept upheaval that will come from doing so. If you're happy to accept this, then you will be embarking on a new and exciting chapter once proverbial dust settles.

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20 Feb 2017 - 26 Feb 2017